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The Flag of the Republic of Scotland

The Republic of Scotland, also known as Scotland, is one of the few nations that have been born out of the conquest of the United Kingdom by the Germans in Operation Sealion. Formed in 1945 after the collapse of the British Empire to German Forces and the British Evacuation to Canada. Bordering England to the South, the North Sea to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It is ruled by Robert McIntyre's Scottish National Party, and the capital is located in the city of Edinburgh.

It is a liberal democracy, however, due to a fear of their neutrality being threatened, the president had not called for a general election for his successor since the proclamation of independence

History[edit | edit source]

Originally, the Kingdom of Scotland emerged as an independent sovereign state in the 9th century. In 1603, James VI inherited the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Ireland, forming a personal union of the three kingdoms. On 1 May 1707 Scotland and England combined to create the new Kingdom of Great Britain, with the Parliament of Scotland subsumed into the Parliament of Great Britain.

Scotland would remain a part of Great Britain, until the fall of London and the conquest of Great Britain by German Forces.


Scotland would originally be absorbed into the German colony south of Scotland, but American, British and Commonwealth troops managed to hold the north. Under the leadership of John MacCormick, he would organise the ragged remnants of the 51st Highlanders when they regrouped in Edinburgh under Douglas Wimberley.

In an act of convenience and desperation, and with Wimberley at his side, MacCormick would march into a hastily convened parliament in Edinburgh Castle, made up of those few southerners who refused to accept the surrender, but more importantly the majority of politicians from Scotland proper.

Scotland could, 'either surrender to German tyranny for a thousand years chained to England, or keep the flame of liberty alive if separate and independent.' Perhaps it was his oratorical skills or perhaps it was the presence of an obvious military man like Wimberley at his side, but MacCormick organized Scotland's declaration of independence within just 24 hours of his speech at Edinburgh.

A Scottish military was founded, a constitution written and the Germans were informed that as Scotland was no longer a part of the United Kingdom it would not be occupied as per the peace treaty. This resulted in Scotland being spared from the humiliating peace treaty signed with Germany. Maccormick and the Scottish National Party, a liberal democratic party would eventually continue ruling Scotland.

However, Scotland's road since independence has been a rocky one, with MacCormick and the SNP treading the fine line between appeasing the Germans and keeping what remnants of freedom he can find alive.

Current State

Currently, Scotland has a large amount of English Refugees, due to lots of Englishmen not wanting to live in Germany's Sphere. Scotland is considered "A light in the North", as they are the last democracy located in the north of the British Isles. However, not everything is good in Scotland, as they have a large amount of Englishmen in their army, with many Englishmen not supporting Scottish independence, leading to instability within the ranks. And Scotland may go down a dark path is left untreated.

Political Parties[edit | edit source]

The Scottish National Party:

The current ruling party under the President Robert McIntyre. It has 55% Popularity in Scotland and is a liberal democracy.

The Independent Labor Party:

This is the 2nd biggest Party in Scotland with a popularity of 35% within the Scottish People. It is ruled by William Wolfe's Social Democracy, offering opposition to the Scottish National Party.

The Unionist Party:

This is the last Scottish party, with it having 10% Popularity in Scotland. It is a conservative Democratic Party, under the control of Priscilla Buchan.

National Spirits[edit | edit source]

Scotland starts with these National Spirits

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Prior to the British Rework, should the HMMLR lose in the English Civil War, the shattered remnants of the HMMLR would enter Scotland, hoping the make their last stand there. Additionally, Scottish equipment, such as guns and equipment would casually find themselves in HMMLR hands.

In the v.1.5.0 "The Ruin" update, as part of a rework of British content, Scotland was removed and its territory was given to the UK, the justification being both that Germany would not tolerate a nation like Scotland on the border with the Pakt, as well as the fact that the SNP did not begin to pick up traction in real life until the 60s and 70s with various oil spikes in the middle east. However, they are still playable if one has the Old British content toggle on.