Richard Ratsimandrava

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Richard Ratsimandrava
Personal details
Date of birthMarch 21, 1931
Place of birthAntananarivo, Madagascar
Age at start31 years old
Nationality Merina
RolePotential Leader of a TAFAMA-led Malagasy Republic
Political partyTAFAMA
Ideology Dominant-Party Democracy

Richard Ratsimandrava (born on the 21st of March 1931 in Antananarivo, Madagascar) is the potential leader of a TAFAMA-led Malagasy Republic if the rebels are victorious in the Second Malagasy Rebellion against the German and French Colonial forces. Ratsimandrava can come to power through a coup in 1968, abandoning democracy for military rule and deciding to crush his own republic for failing to forge the country to his image.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

He was a Colonel and a Malagasy politician and soldier who served as the head of state of Madagascar for six days in February 1975 before his assassination in office.