SS Civil War

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SS Civil War
Pro-Himmler Coalition
Pro-Heydrich Coalition

The SS Civil War, also known as the Second German Civil War is a military conflict that erupts in Germany if Reinhard Heydrich wins the German Civil War. Despite pledging loyalty to Heinrich Himmler and the German Reich intertwined to the Burgundian State, Heydrich would slowly become disillusioned with his actions.

Upon being informed of Heinrich Himmler's plans of world purifcation through nuclear annihilation, and faced with internal revolts from remnants of other German Civil War factions, pro-Himmler factions and internal strife, Heydrich is unable and unwilling to carry out these plans, leading to the full collapse of authority in Germany.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Civil War is only possible if Heydrich defeats all other factions in the German Civil War and becomes the leader of Germany. Once this happens, Burgundy will inform the new Fuhrer of their true plan-the extermination of all non-Germanics in nuclear fire. Heydrich is disgusted by this, but Himmler continues demanding he construct bunkers in Germany and prepare the nation for nuclear war.