Safa Gaziz

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Safa Gaziz
Safa Gaziz after Midnight
Leader of the Kazakh Purification Army
Personal details
Native nameSafa Gaysinovich Gazizov
Date of birth1916
Place of birthDzhambeita District, Ural Oblast, Russian Empire
Age at start45 years old
RoleLeader of the Kazakh Purification Army
Political partyQazaq Tazarty Armiasy
Ideology Stratocracy

Safa Gaziz, formerly known as Safa Gazizov, is the leader of the post-Holy Russian Empire collapse Kazakh Purification Army. Seeking to expunge every Pole and Russian from the Kazakh Steppe, he is fueled by fervent Russophobia and Kazakh ultranationalism.

Gaziz is perhaps most known for his role as leader of the now-removed State of Aktau, its paramilitary named the Kazakh Blueshirts, and the ruling Kazakh Dawn Party. Aktau was annexed into Aktobe in patch v1.1.0d due to implausibility. Gaziz has since been repurposed as the leader of the Kazakh Purification Army which was introduced in the v1.1.1 "After Midnight" update.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

A long time ago, a certain German philosopher warned that one should be careful of not becoming a monster himself in the process of fighting them. Unfortunately, Safa Gaziz is now but a reflection of the Mad Regent's reign of terror.

Originally a minor NKVD officer of the Kazakh SSR before the Soviet Union's demise, Safa led a relatively quiet life prior to Taboritsky's reign of terror in Kazakhstan. Under the Holy Russian Empire's occupation of his homeland, Gaziz led a group of raiders and partisans, wreaking havoc in the countryside against Russian forces.

As time went on, his hatred for the Russians and Slavs as a whole grew, removing the "-ov" Russian suffix of his surname as a sign of rejecting any Slav cultural influence. Now that the Regent lies dead, Gaziz and his clique of hatred filled partisans have risen up to purify their homeland of any Pole or Russian foolish enough to set foot in Kazakhstan.

He who fights monsters should look to it that he himself does not become one himself...

Biography[edit | edit source]

Political career[edit | edit source]

When Sergey Taboritsky's Holy Russian Empire takes over Kazakhstan, Safa Gazizov leads groups of raiders and partisans to combat his Shturmoviki ("Stormtroopers"). During this time, he develops extreme Russophobia and removes the "-ov" suffix from his name, thus eliminating any ties to Slavic culture.

After Taboritsky dies and is succeeded by Viktor Larionov, thus ensuring the collapse of the Holy Russian Empire, remnants of Kazakh militaries under Gaziz's command manage to consolidate rule over western Kazakhstan. Radicalized by Taboritsky's race war and the purging of their ethnicity, the Kazakh Purification Army (KPA) was founded under an ultranationalist regime.

If the player uses the decisions to play as the Kazakh Purification Army, many events ensue. In one of these events, KPA soldiers begin pillaging settlements inhabited by Russians, many of which subsequently fled to the Autonomous Soviet Liberation Army.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Safa Gaziz and his Kazakh Purification Army is essentially an analogue to Omsk's Black League. Instead of wanting revenge against the Germans, Gaziz wants revenge against the Russians.
  • While Aktau may have been removed due to implausibility, the fact that Gaziz's portrayal as a National Socialist in previous versions of the game could be seen as insulting to some people, was another reason for him and his country's initial removal.