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Provision Capital of the 25th Army
Photograph of the center of Singapore
A busy street in Singapore, around 1952
State GDP$417.12M
Culture Malayan Chinese

Singapore (Japanese: Shōnan-tō or Syônan-tô) is the capital of the Military Governorate of Shonan-Marai, the Japanese overseas territory ruled ruthlessly by the 25th Army.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The modern city of Singapore was constructed by the British as a trading post in the early nineteenth century. The island was intended to be the cornerstone of Britain's naval defence strategy in Southeast Asia, only to be captured by Japanese forces before the Royal Navy could arrive.

The city's multiethnic population of Chinese, Malays and Indians would once again find itself a pivotal fortress of foreign occupiers as result of the Malayan Emergency. In a time of uncertainty, who will rule Singapore by the end of the sixties remains an open question.