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Article Tags are often used to indicate problems. Tagging allows editors to specialize, teaches editors and warns readers about subpar or problematic content. It is better if people solve the problems they encounter themselves, but not everyone may be able to. Editors are obliged to include an article tag on a page in case that they see any problems with it.

Adding Tags[edit source]

  • Before you add a tag, make sure that the tag is necessary. If possible, fix small problems yourself rather than tagging and leaving an article (see the section on constructive tagging for more detail).
  • On the article you want to tag, click "Edit" to start the process of adding a tag. Please don't use the Visual Editor, rather simply open the source editor and write {{Article tag name}}
  • Test it afterwards, if the message box appears it should be working.

While most tags go at the top of articles, but in case of an infobox at the beggining of the page, please add it after the infobox in the source code.

Usable Tags[edit source]

Submod Content[edit source]

This page contains submod content!
Some information on this page is from submods.

This tag is summoned with the {{SubmodContent}} parameter. Please add it only when the whole page is about submod content. If submod content is only partially on a page, simply mark that certain information as being submod content.

Stub[edit source]

This page is a stub!
This page is incomplete! You can expand it.

This tag is used when a page is incomplete, lease add these if you think that the page can be improved. Summoned via {{stub}}.

Legacy Content[edit source]

This page contains legacy content!
This page contains removed content.

If content is being removed from the game, instead of deleting the page mark it with this tag. Same goes for creating pages about content that was removed prior to the creation of its article. Summoned via {{Legacy}}

Spoilers[edit source]

This page contains unmarked spoilers!
Don't say we didn't warn you!

Marks spoiler content. You can determine that something is a spoiler via the TV Tropes. Summoned using {{Spoiler}}

Non-Canon Content[edit source]

This page contains non-canon content!
This page contains joke/non-canon content, normally not present in the mod.

Should be used on pages that are about joke or non-canon content. Examples are the horde, Ponylon, arcade mode etc. Summoned with {{noncanon}}

Brainrot Warning[edit source]

This page might be affected by brainrott!
Only admins can edit this page,
due to a risk of shitposts and vandalism.

Should be used on pages about controversial and edgy content. Pages that use this tag should simultaneously be protected. Summoned via {{brainrot}}