Tadesse Birru

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Tadesse Birru
Personal details
Native nameTadesse Birru
Date of birth1921
Place of birthSelale, Shewa Province, Ethiopian Empire
Age at start41 years old
Role Leader of the Oromo Liberation Front
Ideology Despotism

Tadesse Birru (born on 1921 in Selale, Shewa Province, Ethiopian Empire) is the potential leader of the Oromo Liberation Front, acountry that can potentially spawn following the collapse of the administration of Italian East Africa. It is one of the 2 combatants in the Ethiopian Civil War with the other being Ethiopia led by Abede Aregai fighting over their modern day lands/borders.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

His real life counterpart was an was an Ethiopian general of the Imperial Ethiopian Army and civil rights activist. Initially a strong proponent of Ethiopian unity, Tadesse eventually became an activist for the empowerment of the Oromo people in the 1960s. His advocacy turned into repeated attempts to overthrow the government through a coup and later through a military rebellion. He was eventually captured and executed by the Derg regime. He is considered to be the father of modern Oromo nationalism.