Ugly American

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Ugly American is the 1.4.1 update for The New Order released on April 2nd 2023 that adds new proxy conflicts in the Cold War.

Major Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Overhauled Madagascar Proxy
  • Expanded Hispanola Content for both Haiti and the DR
  • New Icelandic Diplomatic Crisis
  • Added Foreign Policy tab on politics screen for majors which contains Global Conflicts and Intelligence Mechanics
  • Added Suriname Skeleton
  • Added Belize Skeleton
  • Added Cuba Skeleton
  • Added Faroe Islands Skeleton
  • Added Greenland Flavor Chain to the US + Skeleton
  • New skeleton for the Free Philippines Republic and the Coalition Government
  • Added 10 news songs

Minor Changes[edit | edit source]

  • New Zealand updated to new starting situation New and improved Greece portraits If elected in 1964, the ERE will reinstate the Greek Monarchy Added two subpaths for Democratic Greece skeleton content in the 1968 elections for Georgios Mavros and Leonidas Kyrkos Added two World Events for EDES and EAM revolutions, respectively Added several new National Spirits for Dem and Red Greece Added new flags for: the Kingdom of Greece, the Hellenic National State, the Hellenic Union, the Provisional Democratic Government of Greece, and the Greek People's Republic Completely reworked the war overview interface The DEFCON display on the top right will play a short static animation each time the DEFCON status changes Added a toggleable percentage display on the economy tab's pie charts Country opening screen: added a wipe animation to the TNO logo upon the interface first opening Country opening screen: added a [SIGNAL LOST] animated element upon closing of the interface Collapse of the Reichsstaat and the African Devastation now have news events accompanying them Units now have an expanded set of xp levels Added 63 new gamerules and 195 options for existing content and new content added in this patch