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National Spirits[edit | edit source]

Generic[edit | edit source]

Economic Meltdown
Economic Plan
German Debts
Shadow Economy
Government Collapse
Land Rights 1
Land Rights 2
Land Rights 3

A[edit | edit source]

Argentina[edit | edit source]

Anarchy in the Army
The Death of Discipline
Greenback Lira Blues
Juan Domingo El Ausente
Navy Controlled Army
Reign of the Cavalary
Structural Unhingment

Australia[edit | edit source]

A Nation of Many Differences
He's Coming South
The End of Luck
The Curlew Cries

B[edit | edit source]

Brazil[edit | edit source]

Brazilian Search and Destory Operations
Brazilian Tech Assistance
Hundred Days
Joint Operaions
Lobster Settlement
Lobster War
Naval Blockade
Overbearing Military
Paralyzed Nation
Nationwide Chaos
Widespread Opposition
National Uncertainty
Stabilizing Situation
Normalized Situation

Burgundy[edit | edit source]

Burgundian Education
Iron Fist
Purge the Rot
Rigorous Spartanism
The Bunkers
The Burgundian Abwehr
The Shadow Economy
The Shadow State
The Three Realms

C[edit | edit source]

Canada[edit | edit source]

The Canadian Empire
The Constitution Issue
The Nixon Shock
Queen in Exile
Western Alienation
Status of Quebec

China[edit | edit source]

Restricted Army
The Little Brother Army
Necessary Army Expansion
Japan's Breadbasket 0
Japan's Breadbasket 1
Japan's Breadbasket 2
Breakthroughs in Engineering
The Defanged Tiger
Elite Ecucation
New Chinese Companies
Slave of the Samurai 1
Slave of the Samurai 2
Slave of the Samurai 3
Slave of the Samurai 4
Slave of the Samurai 5
Energy for the Sphere

D[edit | edit source]

E[edit | edit source]

England[edit | edit source]

20 Years in the Making
A Knot of Roots 0
A Knot of Roots 1
A Knot of Roots 2
A Knot of Roots 3
A Mere Puppet
A Militia Force
A Motley Government
A Retrenced Conviction
A Socialist Romance
Ambitions of Equity
An Altered Line
An Electric Manifesto
Britains Economic Ruin
British Fighting Spirit
British Free Corps
British Worker's Alliance
Chaos in Production
Divided Helmsmand
For Queen and Country
Garrison Support
German Corporate Dominance
Economic Situation 0
Oak and Ash 0
Oak and Ash 1
Oak and Ash 2
Oak and Ash 3
Oil Reserves
Revolution of the Right
Socialist Nationalisation
The British Catastrophe
The Channel
The Gentleman's Government
The Imperial State 0
The Imperial State 1
The Imperial State 2
The Imperial State 3
The Old Young Democracy
The People's Spirit
The Terrible Twins
The Three Musketeers
Those Who Would Fight Time
Thuggish Hegemony
Union Supply Line Blockaded
Union Supply Line Open
Yesterday's Man

F[edit | edit source]

Finland[edit | edit source]

An Unsatisfactory Answer
Nation of Strength
The Growth Regime
Uncertain Future

France[edit | edit source]

Across the Pyrenees
Back in the Pakt
Hentry VII
Latin Bloc
Les Années Noires
Mediterranean Brotherhood
Technocratic Constitution
The Fair State
The Treaty of Vichy

G[edit | edit source]

Germany[edit | edit source]

To Banish Want
The Two Principles
Gone Over
A European Zollverein
A German Zollverein
Benz Help
Borrmann Anarchy
Broken Moskowien
Consume Reach
Defeat in Victory
Defenders of the Reich
European Fleet
Farben Help
Gang of Four
Garrisons 1
Garrisons 2
Garrisons 3
Garrisons 5
Gleichschaltung Reinforced
Global Fleet
Glory of Warfare
Heavy Hand
Japanese Contribution
Made in Germany
Master of Europe
Megacorp Funding
Modernizing Heer
Moon Landing
Nationale Kriegshilfsorganisation
Nazi Building
Operation Ostwind
Our Final Struggle
Overextended Luftwaffe
Oversized Wehrmacht
Pakt Oversight
People Uprising
Prussian Ethos
Reform Progress -2
Reform Progress -1
Reform Progress Neutral
Reform Progress +1
Reform Progress +2
Reform Progress +3
Reforming Luftwaffe
Reich In Flames
Reichswerke Help
RFM Recruitment
Russian Wall
Scandic Defense
Scandic Defense Finland
Shadow Government
Siemens Help
Soldier Salute
New Kind of War
Sensible Economy
Speerian War Industry
Spy Network
SS Restricted
SS Soldiers
Student Protest
Student Protests
Swedish Science
The Lost Generation
Tresckow Heer
Volkskampf 1
Volkskampf 2
Volkskampf 3
Volkskampf 4
Wary Wehrmacht
Wooing Luftwaffe
Borrmann Burgerkrieg
Speer Burgerkrieg
Heydrich Burgerkrieg
Göring Burgerkrieg

Guangdong[edit | edit source]

The Product Cycle
The Corporate State
The Lion Rock Spirit
The Engineer's Citadel
Manchukuo's Laboratory
Another Area Army
Pervasive Kenpeitai Networks
Blunt Force Policing
Transitional Security Apparatus
Two-Tier Local Policing
The Guangdong Network
The Panopticon
The Militarized State
South China Area Army
The Finest Money Can Buy
Asia's Finest
Between Two Worlds
The Yasuda Crisis
The Silicon Years
Oil Crisis on the Silicon Delta
The Guangdong Riots
Martial Law

Greece[edit | edit source]

Defending our Revolution
Elusive Opposition
Katoxiko Kratos
King Constantine II
Recovering Economy
Scars of the Great Famine
Security Battalions
The Mountain Government
The New Republic
The Specter of Fascism
The Specter of Reaction

H[edit | edit source]

I[edit | edit source]

Iberia[edit | edit source]

Betray Old Guard
Civil War
Crippled Sovereignty
Disorderly Federal Army
Dying Triumvirate
Iberian Economic Malaise
Iberian Economic Miracle
Iberian Union
Seperatist Tensions
State of the Union - Exemplary
State of the Union - Extremely Stable
State of the Union - Stable
State of the Union - Moderately Stable
State of the Union - Unstable
State of the Union - Critically Unstable

Italy[edit | edit source]

Arabian Invasion
Christs Capitalism
Colonial Government
Declining Trade
Democracy Generic
Economic Freefall
Economy Generic
Fading Fascism
Fascist Generic
Fleet Generic
Generic Italian
Industry Generic
Italian Economy
Military Generic
Motorcycle Troop
Naval Supremacy
No Oil Supply
Oil Supply
Support in CD
Terrified No More
The ABCs of Economics
Umberto II

Indonesia[edit | edit source]

Government of Administrators
Growing Pains Rebel
Indian Ocean Connection
Spirit of 1949
A Nation of 18000 Islands
Eight Years Development Plan
On Land, Sea and Air
The Banteng and the White Crescent
The Years of Living Dangerously
Three Militaries One Destiny
Tokyo's Lifeline
Conflict Zone
Navy Fiefdom

J[edit | edit source]

Japan[edit | edit source]

Army Indocrination
Cult of the Emperor
Dai Li Conspiracy
Hardliner Influence
Legacy Guarded Pearl Exercises
Military Fanatism
Nihon Ascendant
Showa Emperor
Zaibatsu Question

K[edit | edit source]

L[edit | edit source]

M[edit | edit source]

Manchuria[edit | edit source]

Chained to the Rising Sun
Kwantung Army
Partisans in the East

N[edit | edit source]

O[edit | edit source]

P[edit | edit source]

R[edit | edit source]

S[edit | edit source]

South Africa[edit | edit source]

An African Army
Coluna Infernal
Desperate Neutrality
A Divided Nation
Empty Throne
Lessons from South Africa
Our Darkest Hour
SOG Advisors

T[edit | edit source]

Turkey[edit | edit source]

Disobedient Military
Economic Stagnation
Inspectorate Generals
Italo-Turkish Tensions
Weakening Grip

U[edit | edit source]

United States[edit | edit source]

A Crusade Against Corruption
A Green Future
Abortion Banned
The War Against the AFL-CIO
AFL-CIO Victorious
AFL-CIO Weakened
Ambitions of a Political Machine
Banana Trade
CIA Seal
Clean Water
Conservatism Reigns
Democrat Political Concessions
Draft Riots
Federal Energy Management
Free of Fascism
Great Society
Hunger Bill
Domestic Discontent 1
Domestic Discontent 1
Domestic Discontent 1
Anti War Sign 1
Anti War Sign 2
Anti War Sign 3
International Monetary Fund
Just Partners
KKK Banned
Race Riots
High Racial Tension
Northern Fury
Southern Fury
Southern Resistance
Last Bastion of Liberty
Defenders of the Society
Leased Sao Tome
National Parks Initial Funding
National Parks Expanded Funding
New Budget
Out of Depression
The World Begins With You
Regulated Insurance Markets
Republican Political Defeat
The African Defeat
The Healthcare Act
The American Depression
Segregation is the American Way
Jim Crow
Token Civil Rights Legislation
Basic Civil Rights Legislation
Effective Civil Rights Legislation
Powerful Civil Rights Legislation
Radical Civil Rights Legislation
Revolutionary Civil Rights Legislation
Very Low
Somewhat High
Very High
Extremely High

V[edit | edit source]

W[edit | edit source]

Y[edit | edit source]

Z[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Silicon Dreams[edit | edit source]

Economic Genkokujo
The Business of Ingenuity
Asia's Finest
The Curtain Falls
A Worthy Heir
Overshadowed Legacies
Silicon Dreamers
Dreams Deferred
Utopian Parody
Happy World's End
Crossing the Rubicon
Rigged From the Start

Ugly American[edit | edit source]

Betting The Farm
Chef Off The Old Block
Hart Attack
Hart Breaker
Imminent Threat Neutralized
Impeachment With Honor
Just Here To Suffer
New Way Forward
Oh Darling
Only Interests
Seized German Servers
The Ugly American
What The Doctor Ordered
Why Is Maurice Here