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Greetings friend. My name is Kraljevina. I recently just moved from Fandom to TNOpediA mainly due to griefing issues circulating around the TNO Fandom Wiki. I had approximately 2 Google Gmail accounts before they got deleted. If you're that guy who somehow subscribed to ThatSovietGuy that was deleted and had almost 300 subscribers who was hacked and unfortunately deleted, congrats, you've found him.

History[edit | edit source]

I'm very unknown to everybody and I know you're probably wondering who I am. Well I go by the name Kraljevina. I am a user who originally owned 2 google accounts which either got deleted or terminated. Long story short, I used to own a channel call "ThatSovietGuy". It only had nearly 300 Subscribers before it got deleted. Then I created another cringy channel called "General Omsk". But however I deleted it because youtube shorts isn't worth it for gaining over 17,000 Subscribers. Ever since then, I am thinking of uploading videos on a channel called "Kapitunan Productions" since I believe I have the necessary skills to produce my mapping videos

Q&A: Where did you come from?[edit | edit source]

Originally before I joined this community, I joined the TNO Fandom Community around Early 2023 somewhere in February or March. I had two accounts. One was deleted because my account was hacked. Then I created a Second Account around Mid-2023. During this time, I made over 400 Edits. As the months passed on, I knew there was something wrong with the TNO Fandom Wiki. The fact that it's own mods can't handle the fact that many people are simply griefing pages or just redirecting articles. One such article was World War II. The Second Sino-Japanese War page I believe was restored. But however the World War II page was never recovered. Whoever worked on that page, they must've used all the spare time working on the article just for it to be deleted and redirected by some absolute no-life fatherless troll. The last major edit I really worked on in the Wiki was the Second Sino-Japanese War. But however I eventually scrapped. I stayed idle for about 2 months and that's it.

Q&A: How did you discover this wiki?[edit | edit source]

Well long story. I decided to scroll through the TNO Fandom Wiki posts until I found some dude sponsoring about the website. Just when I entered this website, I began to admire how this website gave a futuristic, cold war style. Since there were relatively no pages at all, I decided to take action. My first major project was creating the Second Sino-Japanese War while creating the photo album. Then I moved on to various projects such as the Oil Crisis just one month later, The West African War, and finally a few other articles.

Q&A: What do you mainly work on?[edit | edit source]

I usually edit pages I previously work on or create new pages that have never been there before. So far I supposedly was responsible for creating over 10 more or less pages.

Q&A: What is your opinion on the TNO Fandom Wiki?[edit | edit source]

Trash. One of the most garbage and unorganized wiki's I've ever been on in my entire existence of being on this planet. But yeah. I'm never going to that wiki ever again

Q&A: What country do you live in?[edit | edit source]

Canada. For those people who believe that everybody lives in the United States, go fuck yourself and touch grass.

Q&A: What are your biggest pet peeves?[edit | edit source]

  1. Going to the airport only to discover that it is crowded
  2. Definitely Traffic. They're either caused by some jackasses who can't drive properly/uncoordinated asses who get other people involved in accidents or construction in which Toronto barely puts effort into.
  3. People who think everybody lives in the U.S. (But seriously, go touch grass as well as opening up a world map if your uncoordinated ass really believes that the U.S. is the only country everybody lives.)
  4. People who facetime with no headphones. Definitely one of my biggest pet peeves because nobody would want to hear you talking like paint drying on the wall

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

Thank you for listening to my 1 hour ted-talk that wasted your entire fucking day. I am satisfied :)

Btw I'm just kidding. You're an amazing person :)