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Ideology GroupConservatism
Notable PeopleEdmund Burke

Be it a political ideology or cultural philosophy, Conservatism, as it has been defined, orientates itself around the ideals of traditionalism and a protection dedicated to preserving and refining societal and cultural institutions according to accepted societal norms, and while it traditionally has favored the right-wing of the political theater, it is not inherently opposed to working with more liberal elements in a given forum, though these are somewhat rare. Conservatives often endorse laissez-faire free market economics as a matter of course, and generally prefer fiscal austerity over increased government spending, but this is not always strictly the case.

In light of the collapse of what once been known as the great Liberal Democracies of France and Britain to the Fascist menace in Europe, Conservatism has seen a resurgence in the parts of the world hitherto untouched by Fascism, casting itself as the last line of defense for democracy against an increasingly totalitarian world.

While many conservative-leaning politicians and governments are not against reform, many often find themselves at odds with their more liberal and progressive contemporaries in the public arena.

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