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Ideology GroupUltranationalism

Ultranationalism is a vicious blend of rabid militarism and fervent devotion to the nation above all else. Ultranationalists are keen to purge their nations of perceived foreign influence of any sort. Thus they favour autarky, stratification and a strong military involvement in everyday affairs to insure that the country is kept independent and "safe from outside corruption". The idea of a glorious state is the key to all things for the ultranationalist, and they will call upon images from the past to stir up and inspire in combination with a paranoid and savage hatred of the other and the outsider. Racism and other forms of discrimination are weaved into all parts of life, to further raise up and separate the ideal countryman from those that do not fit in. In order to make truth of their promises of the "great nation", ultramilitarism presents the military as the ultimate tool for prosperity and greatness. Service to the state in this manner is therefore mandatory for most and deeply glorified as a part of the nation's triumph over the rest of the world. Ultranationalism has often manifested as part of a desire for revenge against foreign enemies and uses this desire to drive the nation forward. While some differences are known to exist between each ultranationalist movement, they never differ in their mad desperation to see eternal glory rain down upon their lands.

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