V1.2.0d "Toolbox Theory" Patch

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Toolbox Theory 1.20d is a patch for The New Order released on 22 November 2021. It involved minor additions, bug fixes and various changes to the Toolbox Theory Update.

Minor Additions[edit | edit source]

Added the OFN Theme to the OST

Added the possibility for coups to happen in Chile

Leclerc will now succeed de Gaulle

Added Effects to McGovern's FREEDOM Act

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

Changed Manchukuo to "State of Manchuria" or "Manshukoku" if they are a Republic

Added a generic decision icon for CIA Decisions

Removed civilian and military factories to overlord modifiers from all autonomy types, making subjects more playable

Improved Miguel Ángel Soler's portrait

Pierre Gaxotte now properly displays as having the Interim Government Despotism Subideology

Che will now get owned by the triple Alliance like God mandates

Extreme (>10%) real GDP growth will lead to inflation and in some circumstances to reduced growth

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Fixed Azandeland Peace Deal so they can join the Japanese Economy Sphere

Fixed states in Congo not being cored - Fixed Post-Mandate Reconstruction Discontent

Fixed CAR Collapsing Twice

Fixed Angola going into Civil War during CAR Collapse - Fixed an infinitely looping C.A.R World Event

Fixed Burgundy not collapsing

Fixed the Deficit/GDP ratio tooltip when mousing over the GDP value at the top of the screen (was always 0% before)

Yorubaland will now join the war immediately in the WAA vs FMA vs PALF scenario

Kayes will no longer peace out separately when capitulated

Mali and Kayes will annex each other respectively

'A Devastating War' national spirit is now removed after the English Civil War ends

Aichi Kiichi will now have Corporatism appear instead of Fascism for ideology text

Shiina Etsusaburo will no longer be erroneously displayed as having the Corporatism subideology instead of the Reform Bureaucracy

Fixed several misleading options and tooltips for Kaya events

Fixed the wrong ending firing after failing the Dai Li Conspiracy

Allowed Aramburu to take power after Rojas' Interim Presidency

Félix Estigarriba's portrait will now display correctly

The "oil for food" idea in Amur should now display properly

Fixed a decision that should give a prison for Amur

Fixed a wrong policy effectiveness change in a focus effect for Amur's regional tree

Fixed Léopoldville Verwaltung not leaving the Pakt during the Congolese civil war

Temporary fix to the Volunteer System limiting maximum volunteers to 1