V1.4.0b Silicon Dreams Patch B

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Silicon Dreams Patch B is the v1.4.0b patch for The New Order released on February 19, 2023, mainly fixing on bugs and balance changes of the Silicon Dreams v1.4.0 update as well as updating the mod to be compatible with Hearts of Iron IV's 1.12.10 version.

Minor Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Compatibility with HoI4 Release 1.12.10
  • Turkmenistan's election mechanics have been reworked, allowing the AI or players playing the US to influence the outcome of the election if they choose to intervene.
  • Only Wallace, Lemay, Goldwater, and Smith can now stage a coup in Turkmenistan.
  • Turkmenistan Elections will be no longer skipped
  • Changed the ideology of Higashikuni (Jushin Coup) and his ministers to Oligarchy
  • Changed China-India border

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Further fixes to WAC peace deals
  • Siegfried Kasche no longer flees Moskowien to govern Penza unnoticed by everyone else
  • Kaminski no longer rises up in India
  • Fixed Moskowien gaining states in India after Germany reconquers them
  • Fixed Anti-Hüttig Cabal not displaying a desc in fopo tab
  • Fixed Speer's railway construction between Munich and Erfurt
  • U-SSR is no longer immediately pushed out of Kharkiv by a DMZ at the start of the UCW
  • Fixed Lipetsk prisoners breaking out by digging a hole to Faridkot, India
  • Howard Trobbard MP has now been sent back to the House of Commons like the commoner he is
  • The US now gets the correct event when their faction in Colombia dies
  • Wallace F. Bennett's ministers will be appointed after their appointment event
  • West African Reconstruction decisions will give effect on every West African Alliance member
  • france_reclamation.3 would no longer trigger when it shouldn't
  • Chita no longer starts a major naval development program by building dockyards in Orenburg
  • Turkes Kenes mechanic was fixed, a total of delegates will not exceed 1000
  • The Power and Progress amendment for Guangdong now affects Zhujin approval
  • Hitachi's imminent coup mission no longer appears a second time right after Hitachi's coup ends
  • Fixed Hitachi OC event giving 7 LegCo seats when it should have only given 1
  • Fixed amendment event for Hitachi's Taxation and Economic Relief Ord. having the wrong amendments on the Matsushita options
  • Public Safety and Stability Ordinance amendment event options and effects now match properly
  • IJA Guangdong flag no longer appears upside down
  • Kido will no longer die by Jushin Coup and is the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Higashikuni
  • Free Indonesia no longer embargos the OFN anymore once it wins the civil war
  • State Kongu Naadu is now cored by India
  • Fixed Iranian CW not giving correct Cold War points if the Balochis existed or a side not back by a superpower won
  • The various Iranian factions will now move their capitals to Tehran upon victory
  • Fixed many instances where coastal bunker and naval bases were not constructed properly when it was listed as an effect
  • Military spending is no longer broken after Fiscal Crises
  • Fixed various instances where regular loc was put in [ ] and not displaying properly