V1.5.0b The Ruin Patch B

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The Ruin Patch B is the v1.5.0B patch for The New Order released on November 1, 2023, mainly fixing on bugs and QOL Improvements in the new content released in The Ruin v1.5.0 update. This update also includes a hotfix on the Emergency Gotenland fixes.

Minor Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added or updated several Turkish state lore entries
  • Added leader bios to the Democratic Serbia leaders

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

Germany and Pakt Related Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • The Workshop of the World mechanic's graphs and budgets now use real GDP growth rather than base GDP growth
  • Fixed a corporate interaction for the Workshop of the World mechanic displaying the wrong color of text when you could take it
  • Macmillan's minister portrait now appears properly again
  • Fixed Acts system for Old England
  • Fixed Old England cosmetic tag not changing
  • Henry IX is no longer empty rectangle in the Parliament GUI
  • Corrected spelling of Middlesbrough
  • Belfast's state lore gfx in winter is no longer a picture of Westminister
  • Breadbasket alerts will no longer fire if the Breadbasket is not enabled
  • Power Vacuums should now properly take over Ukraine if they are nuked by Germany
  • Fixed Ivan Butkovskyi minister for Lenkavskyi
  • Stetsko now properly gets all of his ministers
  • Ukraine no longer loses all its Ukrainian culture states if they beat Poland/GGN
  • Germany's focus tree no longer resets after dealing with Ukraine
  • Germany should now always been able to reintegrate Gotenland when dealing with Ukraine
  • Ostland Civil War can properly end now
  • Fixed a typo in the name of the German Administration in Tranistria
  • Added minister portraits for Reichsgau Gotenland
  • Free England no longer becomes NatSoc after Channel Crisis ends in their favor
  • Fixed non-Ukrainian tags getting the mission to invade Gotenland
  • Ukraine should no longer scuttle the entire German fleet when they invade Gotenland
  • German should now reintegrate Gotenland properly if it fell to Ukraine

America and OFN Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed some Wallace effects affected the wrong faction of the RDC
  • Fixed most of Wallace's Dixiecrat Nats being counted as Northern Nats
  • Hart's The Industrial Arm spirit now displays effects
  • US volunteers to Mendi now get removed at the end of the Mano Campaign
  • Japan and Germany no longer have the top decisions of the MadCW blocked by the USA's actions mission
  • New Way Forward achievement fixed
  • Middle parts of the Ugly American event chain now check state of HCW and American withdrawal before triggering
  • Haitian Government control tick is now affected by level of professionalism, rather than always defaulting to the lowest level
  • The Hinche Incident event should now only trigger once
  • Tooltips for Arkansas and Alabama are no longer swapped on regional map
  • Cold War points for Madagascar should appear properly post-GCW now

Japan and Co-Prosperity Sphere Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Japanese decisions to troop surge in the Philippines now works
  • Adjusted names on Philippines starting OOB to match names used in Landing
  • Swapped cultures on Kanlurang Bisayas and Gitnang Bisayas
  • Lubis Victory now removes Japanese resource rights in Indonesia
  • Fixed Indonesian warlords be respawned without a faction
  • Indonesian Civil War is now properly name in tension menu
  • Japan no longer ships Colombian paramilitaries over to Tokyo to train them
  • Japan's Anti-Bandit Operations decision for Indonesia now has an understandable effect
  • Fixed several bugs with Japan's Diet, hopefully preventing any instant losses for PMs
  • Increased the Significance of several of Japan's Bills
  • Hopefully fixed issues with Japan's Showa Emperor National Spirit

Russian Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Irkutsk's Instate Universal Identification is a bit less universal and no longer causes massive forced migration on every continent
  • The Karelian War and Finnish Civil War are now named properly in war list
  • Fixed Russian war exhaustion not being reset when at peace, which caused unifiers to die more often to non-unifiers and far faster, even instantly in Irkutsk's situation
  • Fixed issue where Sverdlovsk could respawn in Free Aviators and break Smuta

Other Nation Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Edited some early Iberian forpol to account for new changes to Britain, Hungary, and Romania
  • Iberia no longer increases GDP growth in Italian Algeria when trying to invest in Iberian Algeria
  • Fixed Croatian breakaways still having Sham Kingdom spirit
  • Members of Scorza's faction should no longer have the incorrect faction status idea
  • Iberia should get the right end of SAW event regardless of what the US does with the mandates
  • Small fix to 2nd War of Triple Alliance peace
  • Uruguayan Occupation Zone is now in whatever econ sphere Uruguay is in
  • Fixed Ney Braga coming to power/being put in charge of the main conservatism slot
  • Another round of fixes for the accursed WAC scripted peace deals
  • Consolidated Frontlines state modifier should now be removed properly at the end of WAC scenario 3
  • Fixed Mossiland and Ivory Coast not joining the proper faction post-reclamation/reconciliation
  • Mobutu Sese Seko's name is no longer misspelt
  • Fixed issues with Chmielewski winning 2nd SAW after the death of Hüttig
  • Fixed numerous West African nations using incorrect adjectives
  • Tooro party name no longer misspells the name of the country
  • MDM and MDG cores should now be removed after 2nd Malagasy Uprising ends
  • Uncapitalized de in De Gaulle where appropriate
  • French templates now unlock when the reclamation starts if a civil war has not already unlocked them

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed timed ideas not displaying the actual amount of days they last
  • Fixed preferred traits not being able to be selected when clicking on the trait and effect icons
  • Engineers no longer insist they know how to paradrop
  • Fixed cruisers not being counted properly for costs and naval satisfaction
  • Fixed a sizable amount of civilian factories being siphoned off for consumer goods
  • XP bars in traits menu now functions once again
  • Added missing alert icons for international market added with AAT
  • Fixed gamerule listing Alfonso Armada as Corporatist instead of Falangist

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Chaos now grows at a rate tied to the balance between factions in the Party of Contrasts mechanic
  • Added "Send Weapons Shipment" decision from the Haitian Blitz to the HCW as well
  • Increased the surrender limit for the Haitian Government in the HCW
  • The US can now send a single division to Haiti when the Haitian Civil War becomes a regular HOI4 civil war
  • The US can now deploy Air and Naval support to Haiti during the Haitian Civil War similar to the Haitian Blitz
  • The US can now erect emergency fortification in Port-Au-Prince similar to the Haitian Blitz
  • Fixed Japan's lack of oil by increasing Trade Relations with nations it would normally trade with like Italy's Sphere

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Channel Crisis outcomes now gives popularity effects to the USA
  • Enabled the Oil Crisis election for Dem Serbia
  • Changed the colour of all partisan Serbias to a lighter shade of blue
  • Corrected some Serbian party names
  • 1964 Election for Romania is now dependent on the result of the Odesa Crisis
  • Renamed the ruling party of the German Administration in Tranistria once they take power
  • Added Colin Jordan's signature to his cabinet appointment event