V1.5.0d The Ruin Patch D

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The Ruin Patch D is the V1.5.0d patch for the New Order Released on 15th June 2024, which updated the mod to be compatible with Hearts of Iron IV's 1.14.6 version.

Major Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added compatibility with HoI4 version 1.14.6

Minor Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Increased GDP growth given by various events and focuses for Britain

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Updated the war declaration notification screen to conform with the vanilla changes to it
  • Logistics and Heli Supply Companies are now mutually exclusive - Synthetic Refinery now go up to level 5 as tech tree suggests
  • Fixed crash that could occur when Bormann and Meyer-Landrut once their respective civil wars
  • Massively up ai priority on Operation Nordlicht to hopefully prevent softlocks
  • Fixed a bunch of unnecessary stuff appear in Ukraine development and exploitation tooltips
  • Added many national spirit descs to UKS missing from initial Ruin release
  • Added minister portrait for UA-SSR security minister Mykola Zubatenko
  • World events for HMMLR elections now fire properly
  • British focus A Hand in Embracing now fires the correct event
  • The British no longer use the civil war to purge a quarter of the poor people on the island
  • Fixed Ostland victor not getting cores depending which contender was defeated last
  • The Kingdom of Serbia is now properly renamed when the king returns
  • Transylvanian Insurgency world event now fires for countries that aren't Romania
  • Increased GDP growth given by various events and focuses for Britain
  • Fixed two wrongly assigned focus icons in Wallop's 100 days tree
  • Fixed Workshop of the World national projects not consuming any production units
  • Goldwater's Fight Fascism mission no longer requires you to go after the Marxists
  • Readded minister bio for Caspar Weinberger
  • Strugeon Class subs now use nuclear power
  • Samuel Friedman's portrait no longer appears when John Gates leads the NPP-M
  • The USA now gets cold war points changed if the Pakt wins a partial victory in Iceland
  • Post-election tooltips in the USA voting GUI now properly display states voting for Yockey and Hall
  • Tropical Storm Harriet no longer comes back for Round 2 in 8% of playthroughs
  • Fixed one end of CCL dismantlement chain that leading into the wrong events
  • Fixed misfired event in Guangdong's Chinese Consulate investigation chain
  • Fixed broken GFX for several Matsushita and Hitachi products
  • Hitachi's piechart is now dynamic like other Guangdongs
  • Suharto now rejoins the Sphere if he wins the Indonesian Civil War
  • Fixed Rabbani not having a portrait and not be referenced in world event loc
  • Ahmad bin Yahya will now die
  • Tajikistan leader bio no longer refers to old Kazakhstan setup
  • Fixed Costa e Silva's minister desc
  • Cantave can no longer coup if Legion didn't win the Dominican Republic
  • Lavaud will no longer give up power peacefully only if Nixon lets him do whatever he wants
  • Added missing party name for the Volkstaat
  • Flavor event for Madagascan products appearing in America no longer uses loc saying that AKFM has couped the government
  • 3rd SAW warlord AWB not longer causes issues from not having its economy initialized

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Reduced the amount of monthly GDP that Onega’s “Finnish Dependance” national spirits give tenfold
  • Slightly nerfed the weekly Chaos gain in the Party of Contrasts mechanic

QoL Improvements[edit | edit source]

  • Research bonuses in RDC military tree have been changed to affect a tech category rather than a bunch of individual techs

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Added "Blyth Power Station B" project to the Workshop of the World mechanic
  • Added a tooltip to Northern Ireland in the Workshop of the World mechanic
  • Added a tooltip explaining the Party of Contrasts mechanic
  • Tweaked the post-war focus tree display - Added effects to foci that previously only fired an event
  • Added effects to the 1962 budget success/failure events - Added new character description for Isabel Perón
  • Updated Mexico's country selection bookmark