Vasily Shukshin

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Vasily Shukshin
Vasily Shukshin, 1963
Mayor of Barnaul
Date of Birth25th July 1929
Place of BirthSrotski, Biyskiy District, Russian SFSR
Age at start33
Nationality Russian-assimilated Moksha
RolePotential Leader of Novosibirsk
Political PartyRossiyskaya Promyshlennaya Partiya

Российская Промышленная Партия

Russian Industrial Party

Ideology Agrarianist

Vasily Makarovich Shukshin (Rus: Василий Макарович Шукшин; born 25 July 1929) serves as the mayor of Barnaul in 1962. Additionally Shukshin is the head of the Russian Industrial Party.

Early Life

Shukshin was born in Srostki, Biyskiy Discrict in the Russian SFSR to an assimilated Moksha family to his father Makar Shukshin and his mother Maria Sergeyevna. Not much else is really known about Shukshin's early life.

Career in the Federation

After the collapse of the Central Siberian Republic, Vasily Shukshin was appointed mayor of Barnaul by Alexander Pokryshkin, the president of the Federation of Novosibirsk and Altay. He leads the democratic Russian Industrial Party, serving as the number one threat to Pokryshkin's Oligarch Regime.

Post Siberian Federation

After Novosibirsk unifies Siberia, Election Season will begin in the Federation, with the player being able to choose to campaign for Shukshin or Pokryshkin. If Shukshin wins, he is widely considered to be the best ending for Russia, as his promises to the people are not lies, but rather real actions.

If the Siberian Free Territory collapses

If the SFT unifies Central Siberia and then collapses, then Shukshin will be the leader of the country of Barnaul, a liberal conservative Country.

Dreams of Federation (2WRW)

There is a submod for TNO called the Second west Russian war, which adds content for Russian warlords post unification, and it had a version called the "Dreams of Federation", adding a huge amount of content for Shukshin. Shukshin has a choice to either integrate or liberate the German Occupied Territories (except for Moskowien, Shukshin will annex it regardless) if he wins the Second west Russian War.