Vladimir III

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Vladimir III
Vladimir III in 1962
Prince of Vyatka
Prime MinisterVladimir Kharzhevsky
Personal details
Native nameVladimir Kirillovich Romanov
Date of birth30 August 1917
Place of birthPorvoo, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire
Age at start44 years old
Nationality Russian (in Vyatka)
  • Starting leader of Vyatka
  • Potential Russian reunifier
Political partyRussian All-Military Union
Ideology Aristocratic Conservatism

Vladimir III (born 30 August (O.S 17 August) 1917, Prince Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia, Grand Duchy of Finland) is the leader of Vyatka, and one of the last few claimants to the Romanov throne that was deposed during the Revolutions of 1917. Forced into exile, he was coerced by the Germans to work for them, eventually ending up in Vyatka.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Born into exile in 1917, Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich Romanov became head of the exiled Imperial Family of Russia in 1938 following the death of his father Kirill Vladimirovich, cousin of the late Tsar Nicholas II.

Residing in Brittany when the Second World War, he soon found himself and his family in German custody. At the "insistence" of German authorities, he soon began collaborating, making radio broadcasts encouraging Russian defection from the Soviet regime. Offered the regency of Ukraine at the end of the war, he turned it down on the grounds that it would unacceptably divide Russia.

Despite the war's end, however, Vladimir could not return to Russia — the Germans were concerned that, like as had happened with Vlasov, his popularity could undermine their rule. It wasn't until the West Russian War that he was able to convince them to permit his rallying a division of monarchists and exiled Whites to lead a wildly successful counteroffensive. As the Wehrmacht offensive stalled, Vladimir's did not, breaking through to establish a pocket of monarchist rule in Russia.

In the years since, the newly-proclaimed Tsar Vladimir III has had little success in expanding that pocket, and has found many domestic headaches besides. Now the Tsar waits, biding his time until the moment where he can strike, and reclaim all of Russia - his by divine birthright.