Xia Wei

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Xia Wei
Xia Wei in 1962
Governor of Guangxi Province
Personal details
Native nameXia Wei (Junshan)
Date of birthMarch 2nd, 1893
Place of birthShatian Township, Rong County, Wuzhou Prefecture, Guangxi Province, Chinese Empire
Age at start68 years old
RoleLeader of Guangxi
Political partyGuixi Junfa
Ideology Warlordism

Xia Wei (夏威) (born March 2, 1893 Wuzhou Prefecture, Guangxi Province) was a former general of the National Revolutionary Army and the leader of the Guangxi Clique. Formerly one of the main core figureheads, he became the sole surviving member of the New Guangxi Clique.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Xia Wei is a man of loyalty. Always has been.

He was loyal to his childhood acquaintances Bai Chongxi and Huang Shaohong, as the trio went through the trials and tribulations of the early 20th century together, first as classmates, then as comrades. He was loyal to the New Guangxi Clique and everything it stood for, throwing himself into its endeavors and crusades against Chiang Kai-shek's pawns and communists bandits alike. But if there was one more thing he was unwaveringly loyal to, it was China itself; after all, had he not fought for her sake as the rest of the National Revolutionary Army had, when the War Against Japanese Aggression raged under the heavens?

Yet loyalty didn't save China from the jackboot; instead, it brought only barely enough time for Guangxi, for the 11th, 19th, 20th, 29th, 31st, and 38th army groups to launch one last victorious offensive and drive the Imperial Japanese Army out of the borders. As the dust began to settle, Xia found himself the last top man of the New Guangxi Clique left standing; helpless, and with the Emperor's soldiers still at his doorsteps, he was pushed to the negotiation table. There he was faced with the ultimate question: will he stand defiant to the very end, or will he, on behalf of a "free" Guangxi Province, swear his loyalty to the sole legitimate government of the Republic of China? To this, Xia could only offer a bitter smirk. They want loyalty? They'll get their loyalty.

So gave them his signature Xia did, but never his heart; no. His loyalty lies not with marionettes on strings, nor with communist backstabbers; it lies with a dream, an eternal yearning for liberation, persisting to this very day as he leads his home province with an iron fist. It doesn't matter that the people tire of the sky-high taxes and the wanton conscription. It doesn't matter that Guangxi has become little more than a war machine. What matters is that China shall never again serve a foreign master; Xia Wei is a man of loyalty, of devotion to a cause, and in its pursuit no sacrifice shall prove too extreme.

For there is nothing else left to hold on to.