Yemeni Civil War

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Yemeni Civil War
Part of Oil Crisis
Clockwise from top left
· Yemeni Republican soldiers and their Tank Crew equipped with a T-55 Tank preparing for battle

· A German WWII Tank supplied by the Germans to the Yemeni Republican Forces · An entire group of local tribesmen supporting the Jihadist and the Republic of Yemen's cause. · A Jihadist Militant enabling a Russian tank's engine · A British Mercenary posing near a battlefield in Yemen

DateCirca 1970
Yemeni Arab Democratic Republic

Supported by:

· Greater Germanic Reich
COMINTERN (Potentially)

Main Yemeni Kingdom Leaders:

Main Y.A.D.R. Leaders:


Yemeni Arab Democratic Republic Victory

- The Yemeni Arab Democratic Republic defeats the Kingdom of Yemen, rename to the 'Arabian Republic' and proceed to declare war on Saudi Arabia

- Start of the Saudi-Yemeni War

Kingdom of Yemen Victory

- Fate of the supporters of the Pan-Arab Rebels is unknown (Presumably executed or fled)

- Borders remain status-quo

The Yemeni Civil War is a conflict that breaks out during the Oil Crisis. The war will be fought between two sides: The government, which controls the southern part of Yemen, and Arab nationalists led by Abdullah al-Sallal revolting in the North. The instability in Yemen, is a testament for it's people living.

The Kingdom of Yemen can either be supported by the Italians or the OFN (specifically the Americans), while the Pan-Arabists is supported by the Germans and potentially, the COMINTERN.

Background[edit | edit source]

Prelude[edit | edit source]

Yemen had witnessed many events that led to regime changes in the 1980s. From the Ottomans, the British, and finally the Italians, this resulted in the rise of Ba'athist Movements and Pan-Arabian Movements. Due to this, there have been many attempts to suppress the movement by the Kingdom which failed miserably. Pan-Arab nationalists will revolt in North Yemen, centered around Sanaʽa. Tired with Italian dominance over the Arab world, their aim is to overthrow the collaborators and pro-Italian royalty, then establish a united republic of Arab states. This only backfires as this causes the Oil Crisis to begin and the World Economy plummeting.