Amur Refugee Zone

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Amur Refugee Zone
Правительство Восстановления России - Pravitel'stvo Vosstanovleniya Rossii
Flag of the Amur Refugee Zone
Ruling Party Komitet Natsional'nogo Spaseniya Rossii
(Tr: Committee for the National Salvation of Russia)
Head of StateAnatoly Sobchak
Sphere No Sphere
Foreign AlignmentNon-Aligned

With Taboritsky's mad empire gone, Anatoly Sobchak has returned to Russia to do what he can for its people. Begging, borrowing or stealing whatever resources are in the area, his makeshift government desperately seeks the aid of any organization that is willing to assist in order to help the refugees who have flooded the Far East. It seems a hopeless task, but Sobchak cannot bear to see his people suffering so.

The Amur Refugee Zone (Russian: Амурская Зона Беженцев, rominzed: Amurskaya Zona Bezhentsev) is one of the many warlord statelets that appears after collapse of the Holy Russian Empire, following the death of Sergey Taboritsky. The refugee zone occupies the territories which formally belonged to Amur and Chita. They border the Regency of Holy Russia to the west, and to the east the Free Port of Magadan. The refugee zone, under the leadership of Anatoly Sobchak, relies on seeking forgein aid from in order to survive and care for as many refugees as possible. To keep the refugee zone safe and stable, Sobchak has agreed to cooperate with the remains of the Russian Fascist Party, though did so reluctantly. Like the Christain Republic of Samara, the Amur Refugee Zone accepts every refugee that enters the country. However, accepting every refugee who arrives has resulted in a widespread famine, which is only getting worse each day when more refugees are being housed. Despite its altruistic cause, it's hopes for heavy foreign aid are often obstructed by bureacratic obstacles. From the Co-Prosperity Sphere, Sobchak's connections are useless because his supplies are held up by red tape. Meanwhile, potential American donors want hard cash that Amur doesn't have, blocking off yet another source for foreign aid. Although Amur does receive some foreign aid like from Mikhail II, it's often not enough to feed the thousands of refugees fleeing there and the problem is only getting worse as more people arrive.

Should the Amur Refugee Zone reunify Russia in the non-canon post-Midnight gameplay content, it reforms itself into the Russian Restoration Government and focus on rebuilding Russia to its former glory.