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Republic of Brittany
Republik Breizh
Flag of Brittany
Ruling Party Strollad Broadel Breizh (Tr: Breton National Party)
Head of StatePresident Olier Mordrel
Head of GovernmentFrançois Debeauvais
Sphere Grossraum Kontinentaleuropa
Foreign Alignment Mitstreiter,
Credit RatingTemplate:Credit GER ?
Market Type Corporatism

The Republic of Brittany (Breton: Republik Breizh) was a country in Western Europe before being removed in Toolbox Theory - 1.2.0. Located in Western Europe, occupying the entire Breton peninsula. It is bordered by the English Channel to the north, France to the east, the Bay of Biscay to the south, and the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The country is a fascist dictatorship, under the rule of the Breton National Party. The head of Brittany and the party, is Olier Mordrel. Brittany is a member of the Einheitspakt, as a Mistreiter (client state).

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Brittany was formerly a playable country. Politically, they had multiple routes the player could take:

  • Olier Mordrel, the starting leader, could've been kept in power to keep up the illegal trade, effectively turning the country into a corporation, with himself as its CEO.
  • Raymond Delaporte was the reformist path, ending the black market trade and returning Brittany to Enlightenment values.
  • Fearing the rise of a left-wing government, Goulven Pennaod could've run for President to reform Brittany into a democratic country under the guidance of the military clique and hold new elections when the mission is complete.
  • Yann Fouéré represented the radical reformist path of Brittany, who would envision the country as a bastion of liberty to inspire the rest of Europe to follow.
  • Célestin Lainé was the most hardline nationalist of the available leaders, either turning the black market into an active force for corruption, focusing on slavery and drugs to destroy the free world from within, isolating the country from all "degenerate" foreign influence via pure autarky (the "Hermit Kingdom" path), or even pursuing Esoteric Nazism, opening relations with Burgundy, which would backfire because the latter would just invade them in an unwinnable war.
  • The reason why Britanny was removed was due to the Breton black market mechanic taking up whole gigabytes of content since every country (including Russian Warlords) could interact with Britanny's black market