Dmitry Yazov

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Dmitry Yazov

Dmitry Yazov, 1962

Yazov Post Russian Unification

Yazov Post Russian Unification
Director of State Administration of the Siberian Black League
Date of Birth8th November 1924
Place of BirthYazovo, Omsk Oblast, USSR
Age at start37
NationalityRussian (Omsk)
RoleDirector of State Administration
Political PartyBlack League - Officers Clique

Dmitry Timofeevich Yazov (Дмитрий Тимофеевич Язов) was born on the 8th of November in 1924 in the town of Yazovo (called Lyebyezhye at his birth), in the Omsk Oblast in the Russian SFSR. He is the successor of Dmitry Karbyshev as Glavkoverkh, the founder of the All-Russian Black League, due to his death early game.

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

As a member of Karbyshev's cabinet[edit | edit source]

What can be said of Dmitry Timofeyevich Yazov, the protégé to the Black League's founder? Born in a backwater town near Omsk to a peasant family, Dmitry joined the Red Army at the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War at just seventeen. When the Germans caused the complete and utter rout of the Red Army, Dmitry was forced to make his way back to West Siberia and drawn to the new strength of Kaganovich's West Siberian People's Republic.

However, like many military men in West Siberia, a black coal of hate formed in Yazov's heart for the Germans for what they had done to his Motherland. His dedication to the defence of Russia drew the eye of Dmitry Karbyshev, the general who would go on to break with Kaganovich and form the Black League. Dmitry, liking Yazov's intelligence and fanaticism to the cause of saving the motherland, took him in as his personal protégé. This caused Yazov to go with his mentor to Omsk when they finally declared independence from Kaganovich, and he became the right hand man to the older man.

However, Yazov holds nothing but contempt for what he sees now. The people all around Karbyshev only pretend to believe in the cause of the Black League, using their mantle to do whatever the hell they please with Karbyshev too powerless to stop it. He swears to himself that he will make the old man proud, that Karbyshev's dream of a final Great Trial with the Germans defeated once and for all. After all, he is Dmitry Yazov, and he will make sure his mentor's work was not in vain.

In Game Biography 1960s[edit | edit source]

Dmitry Timofeyevich Yazov is part of a new generation of post-Soviet leaders: those born after the rise of Lenin, with no memories of the Tsar or the Great War. They knew hardship as children, but were told that this hardship was a necessary sacrifice for the Motherland's survival. When the Nazis came swarming from the west, they fought on the front lines under the Red Army, witnessing hell on earth and suffering bitter defeat again and again. When the Great Patriotic War was over, what little happiness they had in their former lives was taken from them by the victorious Germans. The West Russian Revolutionary Front's military failures and subsequent collapse in the 1950s only made men like Yazov more set in their ways: the old Soviet commanders had fervor, but the leadership desperately needed some fresh blood. Younger men, harder men, those who were taught from birth about the value of sacrifice and have witnessed it firsthand. With Comrade Karbyshev having passed before his vision was complete, the burden now falls to his protégé Dmitry Yazov to carry it out. Unlike his former mentor, Yazov has both the will and the stamina to implement it, and is already transforming the entire nation to be ready for a form of total war more destructive than any the world has ever seen. He expects his people to sacrifice everything they have, including their lives, to help achieve revenge against the German menace, and many of them will gladly do so. Nothing, not even the threat of atomic fire, will be enough to deter him from his course, and he frequently boasts that if all Germans and all but one Russian perish in the coming war, it will still be a victory. Omsk is stirring from its slumber, and the world trembles at the thought.

In Game Biography 1970s[edit | edit source]

Dmitry Yazov looks upon his handiwork, a strong and hard Russia preparing eagerly for revenge, and smiles pridefully.

Yazov and his comrades had known hardship as children; they were told that the hardship was a necessary sacrifice for the Motherland's survival. But failures of the Great Patriotic War and the West Russian War first broke the minds of Yazov and his ilk, as they realized how futile it had all been. Then it led them to conclude that the leadership of the Russian people needed to be in the hands of young, hard men who had been taught well about sacrifice and knew it firsthand.

Comrade General Karbyshev, founder of the Black League, suffered death and was buried before his vision was complete; it fell, therefore, to his protégé Dmitry Yazov to carry that vision out. After subjugating West Siberia, defeating the liberal and old guard insurgency to secure his rule, and unifying the whole of Russia, Yazov was freed to begin his master work: that of transitioning all Russia into a state of readiness for a form of total war more destructive than any seen before.

Yazov now expects his people to sacrifice everything they have - even their lives - to achieve total revenge against the German menace, and more and more of them are willing to do so. Nothing, not even the threat of thermonuclear hellfire destroying civilization itself, will be enough to deter him from his course. Indeed, Yazov frequently boasts that if no Germans and only one Russian survive the coming Great Trial, it will still be a total victory.

The Great Trial approaches, and Yazov smirks as the opportunity for his revenge upon those that raped his homeland comes ever closer.

And "the lamps are going out all over Eurasia; we shall never see them lit again in our life-time."

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Yazov was evacuated by Bukharin's USSR into Omsk prior to their capitulation during the Second World War. Experiencing deep sorrow and hate after witnessing Russia's destruction, he would grow up with his ambition to take revenge against the invading Germans.

Dmitry Karbyshev, which had escaped from Mauthausen concentration camp, oversaw the collapse of the West Russian Revolutionary Front, moved back to Omsk, where he established the Black League, taking Yazov under his wing. The Black League's thesis is a third confrontation with Germany, what they call the Great Trial. To be sure that his successors will always be prepared for it, Karbyshev created Plan Hydra, a precise line of succession, in case he dies.

However, Yazov grew to follow the vision of the Great Trial in mind, and so did his fellow officers. Fueled by hatred of the Germans, he believed making the Great Trial merely a defensive war would be an injustice to all the lives lost by their hands. As Karbyshev's health declines, and with him as the chosen successor, it is only a matter of time before the Great Trial becomes the day when Germany will feel Russia's total revenge.

Post West Siberian Unification[edit | edit source]

After the unification of West Siberia in game, Pavel Batov, will launch his resistance against Yazov, seeing him as a psychopath who wants to destroy the world.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • After unifying Russia, the player has a 5% chance of getting a sunglasses version of Yazov's post unification portrait.
  • In OTL, Yazov was the Soviet Minister of Defense from 1987 to 1991. Yazov served in command of the Soviet Nukes in the Cuban Missile Crisis. He didn't want to destroy the world and Germany in OTL, but he was a brutal general, as he put down an Azerbaijani Revolt against the USSR, and a Baltic one before the dissolution of the USSR.