Robert F. Kennedy

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Robert F. Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy in 1965
United States Senator
from Massachusetts

Assumed Office:
December 22, 1960
Preceded byJohn F. Kennedy
39th President of the United States
In Office
January 20, 1965 - January 20, 1969/1973 or until assassination
Vice PresidentWilliam Guy
Preceded byJohn McCormack
Personal details
Native nameRobert Francis Kennedy
Date of birthNovember 20, 1925
Place of birthBrookline, Massachusetts, U.S.
Age at start36 years old
Nationality American
  • Senator for Massachusetts
  • Potential 1964 NPP Presidential Nominee, and potential President
Political partyRepublican-Democratic Coalition - (Democrat)
Other political affiliationsNational Progressive Pact - (Progressive)
(If Nixon vetoes the Civil Rights Act)
Ideology Eastern Progressivism

Robert Francis Kennedy (20, November 1925 –) is a Democratic Senator from the state of Massachusetts and potentially the 39th President of the United States. Robert will jump ship to the Progressive Party if President Nixon vetoed the Civil Rights Act and be the National Progressive Pact's presidential candidate in 1964. If he wins the presidency in 1964, He will seek to fulfill his brother's dream for a more liberal and progressive America, but if he push this dream too far there might be some dangerous consequences.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

What things on this earth are worth fighting for? What things are worth dying for? For Robert Francis Kennedy, the answer to that question has always been obvious: family; honor; and duty to one's common man. These are ideas that he has spent his entire life pursuing, aspirations that were, engraved on his soul by a father determined to see his family win at any cost.

Raised in suburban Massachusetts, Bobby Kennedy enjoyed a glamorous but unhappy childhood. While he avoided much of the suffering of the Great Depression as a member of the glamorous Kennedy clan, he was forced to contend with a withholding father who considered him a "runt" unworthy of his attention. Unable to seriously pursue the priesthood or journalism as he might have done in another life, Bobby shed his gentle and generous, personality to become a ruthless opportunist unwilling to stop at anything to achieve his ambitions.

This new Bobby was put to the test in the 1950s. After a brief stint in the US Navy and a tour observing the implementation of the Kyoto Accords, the family installed Bobby as the campaign manager of his beloved brother John's 1952 Senate campaign. Hard-fought against an entrenched incumbent, Bobby earned the approval of the larger Democratic Party by winning. He earned similar accolades as Sen. J. William Fulbright's assistant counsel and an aide in the Kefauver administration. In 1960, he managed his brother and Nixon's run for the White House before winning a special election for his brother's former Senate seat in Massachusetts.

Tragedy would strike soon after. Nixon's failures on civil rights and the death of his brother broke Bobby's heart. Enraged at the RDC and in grief, he did not halt the "Draft Kennedy" movement as it consumed the NPP's Progressive Caucus. Having now won the presidency, an enraged Bobby Kennedy, is determined to do what it takes to realize his brother's legacy. He will fight whoever stands in the way of his family's vision of a free, prosperous, and liberal America.