Progressive Party

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The Progressive Party is a Centre-Left American political party founded in its current incarnation in 1956. The party is a union between Progressive Democrats who left the party after Claude Pepper was not nominated and Democratic Socialist. While the 1956 election did not turn out well for Pepper and most Progressive candidate. Pepper's view on US Foreign policy and anti-establishment rhetoric would find the party an interesting ally in the Nationalist Party. This alliance would lead to the formation the National Progressive Pact a year later. As a part of the Pact, the Progressive Party would then be able successfully nominate senator Henry A. Jackson as the NPP's presidential nominate for the 1960 Election

Members[edit | edit source]

Henry M. Jackson - Presidential Nominee for the 1960 Election, Senator of the State of Washington, and potential 1972 NPP presidential nominee

Michael Harrington - Writer and Activist. Potential 1968 NPP presidential nominee

Claude Pepper - Presidential Nominee for the 1956 Election, former senator of Florida, and former Vice President

Sid McMath - Former Governor of Arkansas (1949-1953) and incumbent Senator of the State of Arkansas (1955-onwards)

Maurine Neuberger - Senator of the state of Oregon

Irving Howe - Writer and Activist

Glen H. Taylor - Former Senator of the State of Idaho

Douglas Fraser - Union leader

Augustus Hawkins - Member of the California State Assembly

Warren Magnuson - Senator of the state of Washington

Bob Bartlett - Senator of the State of Alaska

Lee Metcalf - Senator of the State of Montana

Robert M. La Folltete Jr. - Senator of the State of Wisconsin

Chester Bowles - Senator of the State of Connecticut

Ken Hechler - Senator of the State of West Virginia

Edwin Edwards - Senator of the State of Louisiana

Vito Marcantonio - Leader of the NPP Progressive Caucus in the House of Representative, and Representative from New York

Potential Members[edit | edit source]

Robert F. Kennedy: Senator of the state of Massachusetts as a member of the democratic party. Joins the Progressive Party in response to Nixon vetoing the CRA and becomes the 1964 NPP presidential nominee.

Frank Church: Senator of the State of Idaho