African National Congress

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African National Congress
Flag of the ANC
Ruling Party African National Congress
Head of StateParty President
Oliver R. Tambo
Credit Rating Fair
Market Type Worker Directed
Nature of Appearance
Can be formed byUprising in the South African War if the South African government doesn't compromise with the ANC
African National Congress
Logo of the ANC
Party Leader Party President
Oliver R. Tambo
FoundersJohn Langalibalele Dube

Pixley ka Isaka Seme

Sol Plaatje
Founded8 January 1912; 50 years ago
Ideology Pan-Africanism
Paramilitary WinguMkhonto we Sizwe
Paramilitary LeaderNelson Mandela
Political PositionLeft-Wing
ColoursBlack, Green, Gold

The African National Congress (ANC) is a political party in the Union of South Africa. The ANC was founded in 1912 to fight for voting rights for black South Africans. However, as the struggle for universal suffrage continued, over time, the ANC grew more militant, with several terrorist attacks being undertaken by the party's paramilitary wing called the uMkhonto we Sizwe, or MK, led by Nelson Mandela.

The ANC's protests for better treatment and voting rights have so far been met with silence, and their protests have been crushed. With tensions growing, the likelihood of an ANC uprising becomes more and more likely, and that is to say nothing about the other militant groups in South Africa.

Despite its principles, The ANC has frequently projected its goals through peaceful methods of protest affirming the rational leadership's prerogative of peaceful integration.

Exchanging cables with the United Party (UP) prior to the 1961 Election to promote a civil rights platform, which ultimately was discredited in a white lily effort by the UP, they have won many friends within the De Villiers Graaff's cabinet, potentially even working together to counter the Pro-German sentiments of the Boers and the National Party.

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