Russian Royal League

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Russian Royal League
Российская Царская Лига
Emblem of RTL
Party Leader Grigory Semyonov
Founder(s)Grigory Semyonov
FoundedAround late 1940s-1950s
Ideology Aristocratic Conservatism
NewspaperRodina (Родина)
Political PositionRight-wing
ColoursWhite, Blue, Red
Slogan"God save our Tsar"

The Russian Royal League is a monarchist organization led by former White Army officers in Manchuria. It is one of the heirs to the "Harbin Three", besides the Russian Fascist Party splinters in Amur and Magadan.

After the fall of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, they moved to Chita under the leadership of Grigory Semyonov, with Michael Andreevich Romanov crowned as the new Tsar of Russia.

Creation[edit | edit source]

It was created by Grigory Semyonov, a former White Army lieutenant general whilst in exile in Manchuria. It was created as a monarchist group for Russian exiles from the diasporas and former White Army officers.

Stuck in Harbin after being defeated in the Russian Civil War, the White Army clique closely collaborated with the Japanese to one day invade the Soviet Union and restore Tsarist rule. Additionally, in Harbin, they would meet with the Russian Fascist Party, deciding to collaborate together for a joint invasion of Russia to restore Tsarist Rule.

Establishment in Transbaikal[edit | edit source]

Ataman Grigory Semyonov, head of RTL, somewhere around 1920s.

After the collapse of Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, RFP and RTS moved north to Russia from Manchuria in hopes of creating their own legacy of White Russia. Semyonov moved his headquarters to Chita, located in Transbaikal which is also his homeland. There, he established Transbaikal Principality, a monarchist state under his leadership until the "kidnapping" of Michael Andreevich Romanov, now named Mikhail II under his regnal name.