National Party

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National Party
Founded : 1836
Political Position : Centre-Right

The National Party (Spanish: Partido Nacional) is one of the oldest continuous parties in Uruguay and Latin America as a whole, formed in 1836. The National Party however has only recently come into power thanks to the 1958 election, now dominating the Consejo.

Factions[edit | edit source]

Herrerismo[edit | edit source]

A faction based around following the political ideas of Luis Alberto de Herrera who lead the party during the first half of the 20th century. The party supports a mixture liberal economic policies, Pro-Uruguayan foreign polices, and Liberal-Conservative values.

Ruralismo[edit | edit source]

A faction that defends Uruguay's traditional agrarian economy based on extensive livestock farming, liberal capitalism, social conservatism and fiscal austerity. They are also more pro-American compare to the party's other faction

Unión Blanca Democrátic[edit | edit source]

A faction of the National Party founded by Daniel Fernández Crespo that united various faction in the National Party that opposed Herreism.

Reconstrucción Blanca[edit | edit source]

A sub-faction composed of former members of the National Independent Party who rejoined the National Party in 1958. In 1962 they are a part of the Unión Blanca Democrátic faction, but in certain situations they break away to form their own faction.

Formable[edit | edit source]

Movimiento Nacional de Rocha[edit | edit source]

A faction that can splits from the Unión Blanca Democrátic in response to leader Alberto Gallinal Heber viewing the UBD are corrupt, ineffective and soft on trade unionism.

Movimiento Nacional Por la Patria[edit | edit source]

A faction that will potentially be formed by Wilson Ferreira Aldunate that represent a new generation of National politicians who are more progressive and reformist in nature.