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Free State of Magadan
Свободное государство Магадан
Flag of Magadan
Logo of the Russian Fascist Party
Ruling Party Russyiskaya Fashistskaya Partiya
Head of StateMikhail Matkovsky
Head of GovernmentVladimir Kibardin
Foreign AlignmentN/A
Credit Rating Mediocre
Market Type Corporatism

Magadan, offically the Free State of Magadan, is a Russian warlord state located in the Far East. It borders the Unorganized Siberian Territories to the north, the Gulf of Okhotsk to the east and south, and Amur and Yakutia to the west.

The statelet is one of the three "Heirs of Harbin", a group of three warlord states led by former White Army officers. In Magadan's case they are led by a splinter group of the Russian Fascist Party under Mikhail Matkovsky, who split with Konstantin Rodzaevsky over the latter's support for the Nazis.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Since the birth of the Russian Fascist Party Mikhail Matkovsky competed with Konstantin Rodzaevsky for control. Rodzaevsky was aggressive and idealistic, and openly supported Hitler's Nazism, while Matkovsky was more subtle and diplomatic, and saw the racial hatred the Nazis held for Russians plainly. The two men often butted heads but worked together for the dream of a Russia free of Bolshevism. When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union that dream suddenly became a reality, as the RFP organized an invasion of the Russian Far East. However, Rodzaevsky's refusal to denounce National Socialism even as the Nazis carried out a genocide against the Russian people was the breaking point for Matkovsky. He knew that Germany would never tolerate a strong Russia, even a fascist one, and Rodzaevsky was only leading the nation towards suicide.

Matkovsky and his supporters took control over the port of Magadan and declared that Rodzaevsky was a traitor to the motherland, and only Matkovsky would be able to reunite Russia under true fascism. Matkovsky's clique has now spent years preparing to strike south and finish Rodzaevsky once and for all. Resources in Magadan are scarce, forcing Matkovsky to turn to unusual sources of help. Mercenaries from all over the world have come to Magadan seeking fame and fortune, but the greatest source of support lies across the Pacific: the United States. Persuading the Americans will be no easy task, but if anyone can do it, it is Matkovsky.

History[edit | edit source]

A Troubled Past...[edit | edit source]

The Home of Exiles[edit | edit source]

Once Mikhail Matkovsky was an enthusiastic member of the Russian Fascist Party. Within the exiled community of Harbin, few still held any reverence for the old guards of the White movement, the old men that had lost Russia to the hands of the Reds.

Fascism, a modern ideology, a rejection of decadent liberalism and unnatural socialism, seemed to Matkovsky the way forward. Russia would be made strong.

Once the Soviet Union inevitably crumbled, the true heirs of Harbin would come forth from Japanese Manchuria and begin the great crusade to liberate Russia.

Counter-Productive Thug[edit | edit source]

Konstantin Rodzaevsky brought doubt to Matkovsky's mind. The so-called Vozhd of the Russian Fascist Party was an amoral brute. His associates; jumped-up thugs, men of no caliber, the refuse of the Russian community in Harbin. When Germany invaded Russia, brutalizing its people, the RFP's leader wrote sycophantic letters of praise to the men who despoiled Russia.

No, Rodzaevsky could not be trusted to save Russia.

And so Matkovsky began to plot. With the help of Nikolay Petlin, a man known in Harbin for his ties to the Russo-American community, Matkovsky waited.

...and a Certain Future[edit | edit source]

Pathetic Mimic[edit | edit source]

The opportunity of a lifetime came in the late fifties.

Yagoda's pathetic Soviet remnants launched a futile war to conquer the Central Siberian Republic. The strain of fighting broke down both nations, letting the White community in Harbin free to strike.

The invasion broke the back of Yagoda's state, liberating Chita, Amur, and Magadan.

From Harbin to Magadan[edit | edit source]

In this moment of triumph for the RFP, Matkovsky enacted his plan. The port city of Magadan was seized, along with a great deal of the RFP's invasion force. Rodzaevsky's thugs were pushed back to Amur, deprived of the critical port of Magadan.

In Magadan the true leader of the Russian Fascist Party awaits.

Waves of Work, Endless[edit | edit source]

There is much work to be done. The remaining Rodzaevsky loyalists must be purged. Foreign contacts must be reached, and critical supplies of weapons and mercenaries must be brought in.

Matkovsky's path ahead remains long and hard. Nevertheless he presses on. Only he has the strength to save Russia from its anarchy.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Magadan starts with the following national spirits:

Name In-Game Description Effects
Heirs of Harbin In the aftermath of the Russian Civil War, the remainder of the White Army retreated into Harbin as exiles, nursing their wounds and plotting the overthrow of the Soviet Union. Before long, however, fascism coalesced within the city. Under the leadership of Rodzaevsky and Matkovsky, the Russian Fascist Party (RFP) soon became the premier party of the Russian émigrés. As the Union collapsed, the Whites and the RFP formed a united front against the Bolsheviks and for a time, they were successful - until infighting split them apart. Now the three splinters vie for power, each claiming to be the rightful heir of Harbin. Stability: -10.0%

Factory Output: +20.0%

Fascist Splitters Long ago, the Russian Fascist Party was a united organization, free from the civil strife that plagues everything in Russia. However, this unity did not last long. The doctrinal differences that divided its two heads, Konstantin Rodzaevsky and Mikhail Matkovsky, had simmered for years, perhaps for decades. It finally came into a head when Matkovsky seized the port town of Magadan for his own use. He promises a free Russia, an unshackled Russia, a Russia liberated from the chains of suffering and poverty. Only time will tell if his promise holds. Recruitable Population Factor: 5%

Attack: +5.00%

Division Recovery Rate: +5.0%

Gateway Into Russia Beyond mere circumstance, the Vozhd had specific intent when he chose Magadan to launch our struggle. The shores of this icy Pacific port bring many blessings. Smugglers from Kamchatka and Alaska alike carry great boons to be processed in the city every day. The Vozhd's government grows from the hub's riches, and in turn so does our legitimacy. Daily Political Power Gain: +0.02

Trade Deal Opinion Factor: +15.00%

Port of Magadan (NOTE: This spirit will be granted to any warlord that owns the Magadan state)

One of the most important port cities in Siberia, Magadan is well-known as a gateway into the region for all the countries of the world, and possesses considerable shipbuilding facilities besides. Control of the port ensures that ship construction will be completed in rapid fashion.

Dockyard Output: +10.00%

Dockyard Construction Speed: +10.00%


Production Cost: -15.00%

Starting Position[edit | edit source]

Matkovsky's Pathway[edit | edit source]

Petlin's Pathway[edit | edit source]

WerBell's Pathway[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Capitulation quotes[edit | edit source]

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Origins: This quote is taken from the Scottish poem To a Mouse by Robert Burns.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The logo of Radio Free Magadan, a radio station featured in several events, is based on the logo of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, an organization funded by the United States.
  • Matkovsky's wing of the Russian Fascist Party is named Trudoviki, which in real life, was the name of the party Alexander Kerensky was a part of when he ruled the Russian Republic, prior to the Russian Revolution. Interestingly, Kerensky provides the quote for a Russian unification under Miletiy Zykov's Samara, who both Petlin and WerBell can peacefully unify with.
  • When the developers had an official canon for the 1972 start date, Magadan was chosen to be the one to canonically unified the Far East, but would have been defeated by Novosibirsk.
  • Originally, Lev Okhotin was the leader of Magadan, as seen in the Don't Surf Demo, but in the final version of the game, he the head of Government in Amur. One possible reason for this change is that Okhotin remained loyal to the Russian Fascist Party (although due to his limited involvement, he was only sentenced to hard labor instead of execution), whereas there is evidence that suggests that Matkovsky was actually a Soviet spy who worked from within the party to dismantle it.