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廣東省, Guǎngdōng Shěng'
Flag of Guangdong
Ruling Party Kanton Minseifu
Head of StateSuzuki Teiichi
Sphere Co-Prosperity Sphere
Foreign Alignment Corporate Dependency
Credit Rating Good
Market Type Corporate Statism

The State of Guangdong is a country located in southern China, occupying the majority of Guangdong province. A puppet state of Japan, Guangdong borders the Republic of China to the north and east, the South China Sea to the south and the Guangxi Clique to the west.

The country itself was created by the Kanton Protocols of 1950 and does not have its own ethnic identity - rather it was founded to be a playground for unchecked Japanese capitalism. This unnatural state is festering in crime, corruption and poverty, all whilst powerful Japanese zaibatsus exploit both the Chinese population and the native Zhujin people for their own gain.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

Carved out of the Republic of China as a concession to the Zaibatsu at the end of the Greater East Asian War, the State of Guangdong is an experiment in corporate colonialism, an unnatural entity existing between its Chinese roots and its Japanese suzerain. Despite its independence, Guangdong is far beneath Japan, China or even Manchukuo in status - its Chief Executive playing second fiddle to the rest of the Co-Prosperity Sphere, even as the Four Companies of Guangdong greedily explot Guangdong's land and people for their own benefit.

Guangdong is a country without a nation: a society bound together by wire transfers, banknotes, and share certificates. In the glittering Three Pearls of Guangdong - honkon, Makao, and Kōshu - the Four Companies and the Chief Executive indulge in boardroom politics as the Japanese expatriates lord over the Cantonese-Japanese Zhujin, who struggle for recognition as second-class citizens. Beneath them all, the Chinese are herded from their ancestral towns into the electronics sweatshops on the Pearl River, a people displaced inside their own homeland. And as Asia awakens, few ask: will Guangdong survive the storm to come?

Parties and Factions[edit | edit source]

Name Ideology Leaders
Guangdong Civil Administration Corporate Statism Suzuki Teiichi
Legislative Council - Business Faction Corporatocracy Matsuzawa Takuji

Matsushita Masaharu

Legislative Council - Civic Faction Corporate Paternalism Morita Akio

Li Ka-shing

Legislative Council - Central Committee Corporate Statism Ibuka Masaru
Legislative Council - Manchuria Faction Reform Bureaucracy Komai Kenichirō
Imperial Japanese Army Ultramilitarism Nagano Shigeto