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Pearl of the State of Guangdong
Population188.01 K
State GDP$ 0.13 B
Culture Zhujin

Makao is one of the Three "Pearls" of Guangdong, formerly the Portuguese holding of Macao. Now ruled by the Japanese, it is one of the main hubs of income for Guangdong, filled with casinos and vices.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The opulent gateway to the orient, the gleaming pearl of the Goddess Mazu; such were the eloquent and graceful words once used to describe the humble port nestled upon the banks of the Pearl River Delta, a port that had witnessed and endured through centuries of prosperity and turmoil, shifting and transforming with the passing years. The pioneering explorers and sailors of Portugal had once encamped upon these shores, creating a bustling center of trade that had attracted the attention of merchants and travelers from all corners of the world. The lucrative port had been embroiled in conflicts of envy and rivalry, yet it would not be the Dutch or the British who would wrestle the territory away from the authority of Portugal, but instead, the ascendant rising sun of Japan and the rapacious corporations of Guangdong. The Macau of today is a city defined by its gambling houses and vivacious neon lights; a hectic maelstrom of underground activity and carefree gaming, where fortunes are gained and lost according to the numbers of a roulette wheel; the modest Portuguese port of the past had been relegated to the annals of history.