McMurdo Station

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McMurdo Station
Capital of OFN Antarctica
PopulationMaximum of 1500
State GDP$0.00
Culture No Culture

McMurdo, originally an American Base, is the main base of the OAA and the biggest Station in all of Antarctica.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

At the southern edge of the OFN's sphere of influence lies one of its strangest bases. McMurdo Station is the largest base on the Antarctic continent, populated by up 1,500 people in the height of summer, boasts a sizable port, and is serviced by nearby Williams Field for aerial transportation.

This behemoth of the Antarctic Wastes sits in the Ross Dependency of Antarctica, a region inside New Zealand's claim, but is administered by the USA's Antarctic Development Command. It was built on the volcanic Ross Island during the first Operation Deep Freeze, which took place in the midst of the Scramble.

Of its many quirks, the most unique is its nuclear power station, created to solve fuel issues at the base. While it provides a substantial amount of power and reduces the need for fuel, it remains an unknown in the emerging field of nuclear power, one that could have devastating consequences.