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Capital of SS Antarctica
State GDP$0.00
Culture No Culture

Begerheim is the official capital base of the De-facto independent Ahnenerbe Antarktis Gruppe.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

During the evacuation of the German Antarctic colonies in Neuschwabenland, a cadre of the Reich's most "accomplished" minds were discreetly funneled into a new base on the Kiss Ice Shelf. Its name: Begerheim. Named after the intrepid Aryan explorer, Bruno Beger, this Ahnenerbe stronghold was tasked with finding evidence to support a number of fundamental scientific theories.

The population of Begerheim is small compared to other Antarctic claims: two-hundred and fifty souls, split between Ahnenerbe scientists and a detachment of Waffen-SS security personnel. It operates a heliport for archaeological sorties and a hidden submarine bay through which Burgundy and the Reichsführer-SS himself maintain contact with the base and ensure crucial supply deliveries.

Begerheim is nominally a part of the German claim of Neuschwabenland, however contact between the two organizations is sparse and often unfriendly, especially in the wake of the attempted SS coup in the Fatherland. How long this uneasy coexistence will last is anyone's guess. The Ahnenerbe conduct themselves with extreme secrecy. Information about the internal goings-on of Begerheim rarely leaves the stronghold's walls. When it does, the world trembles.