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Photograph of Moskau
Population4.45 M
State GDP$1.05B
Culture Ostdeutsch

Moskau (Russian: Moskva/Москва, English: Moscow) is the capital and biggest city of the Reichskommissariat Moskowien

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Moscow, in Russian Moskva, was for five hundred years the centre of the unified Russian state, and in that role led the Russian conquests and defenses against countless enemies. Even when the Tsardom fell, Moskva retained its importance as the capital of the Soviet Union and the place from which the Revolution was to be spread... until the Germans came and ended it all.\n\nThe Moskau of today, the crown of the hellhole that is Moskowien, would not be recognizable to any of those who had helped found it. The Kremlin and other historical buildings, rather than being destroyed, were replaced with Nazi imagery. The outskirts of Moskau were redrawn; racial segregation was imposed and thousands upon thousands of Russians were displaced to these hinterlands to work in slave factories.