Esperanza Base

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Esperanza Base
Capital of Argentinian Antarctica
State GDP$0.00
Culture No Culture

Esperanza Base is the official capital of Argentine Antarctica.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

When Jorge Edgar Leal landed in Hope Bay at the tip of Trinity Peninsula in 1953, he needed a base from which to manage his operations and logistics. It was for this purpose that Esperanza Base was built. It came to be the foundation of Argentine power projection in the region and ensured their influence extended far enough to establish firm sovereignty over their Antarctic claim.

Esperanza is now one of the most multifaceted bases on the continent. It serves as a naval port, a military outpost, and an administrative complex for Argentinean Antarctica and Argentina itself. The military aspect of Esperanza is particularly accentuated today, as the Argentine military uses the base to expand its power and seek its own ends...