Panamá City

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Panamá City
Capital of Panama
Photograph of Panamá City
State GDP$250.68M
Culture Panamanian

Panamá City (Spanish: Ciudad de Panamá) is the Capital of Panama. The Panama Canal, which is just next to the city, is the primary source of income and tourism for the City.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Perhaps to the average foreigner, the nation of Panama has come to be defined by the canal that divides it in two. But on the east bank of its Pacific entrance lies the city that, for the average Panamanian, marks the successes, the failures, the story of their nation - Panama City.

Panama City, primate to its nation, watches over the deep blue of the Pacific. Founded as Europe's first Pacific settlement, its history is inexorably linked to Panama as a whole. Its architecture is emblematic of the diversity of Panama, with everything from Spanish colonials to Antillean townhouses. Its inequality, unfortunately, is also representative of the nation, as the Americans have cut off regions for the Canal. It may not be perfect, but no matter what, it is Panama.