Schirmarcher Station

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Schirmarcher Station
Capital of German Antarctica
PopulationMaximum of 500
State GDP$0.00
Culture No Culture

Schirmarcher Station is the capital of Neuschwabenland.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The German Empire stretches across much of the world, and at its very edge Schirmacher Station stands defiant against the desolation of Antarctica. The base is built in an Antarctic oasis that was discovered and named by Richardheinrich Schirmacher during the 3rd German Antarctic Expedition. These oases are patches of land naturally free of snow and ice, which, along with the oasis' easy access to freshwater lakes and vast 25 km long and 3 km wide size, made it an advantageous location for settlement during the Scramble for Antarctica.

Schirmacher Station was initially created as the military counterpart to the colonial effort started by Germany on the frigid continent. However, the plan for long-term and expansive settlement proved to be out of human reach, and Schirmacher now looms over the abandoned colonial site.

The station houses about 500 people maximum. This creates the need for the interdependence Schirmacher Station shares with its neighboring bases, which house around the same number of people but rely on Schirmacher's greater stores of rations and supplies to sustain themselves. Along with this relationship, Schirmacher also lacks a seaport and airfield. Instead it uses the nearby Admiral Graf Spee Harbor and an experimental aircraft testing base.