Mexico City

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Mexico City
Ciudad de México
Capital of México
Photograph of Mexico City
State GDP$4.39B
Culture Altiplano with a Nahua minority and small Otomi and Mixteco minority

Mexico City (Spanish: Ciudad de México), is the Capital of the United Mexican States. It was founded in the XIVth Century by the Aztecs.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Serving as the capital of republics, empires, viceroyalties, and revolutionary juntas, Ciudad de México has been both the literal and figurative center of Mexican politics since the nation's inception. A center of progressive ideals and rich with culture, it is the central hub of the entire country. The continued massive population growth in the city has only solidified its influence on the nation.

Within the city's government buildings, administrators and deputies constantly debate new policy and chafe under the corrupt political machine. In the streets, markets thrive and activists gather to protest.

Whatever the future of Mexico brings, it most definitely will be decided in this sacred capital.