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Pearl of the State of Guangdong
Population352 M
State GDP$ 3.57 B
GDP/C$ 1019
Culture Zhujin

Honkon is one of the Three "Pearls" of Guangdong, formerly the British holding of Hong Kong. Now ruled by the Japanese, it is one of the main hubs of income for Guangdong, filled with businesses and financial markets.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Hong Kong is a city that has been drifting away from the Chinese mainland for nearly a hundred and twenty years, but it is under its most recent rulers that it has transformed the most. The Japanese brought with them their language, their people - who now form nearly 30% of the city- and, most importantly, their ruthless corporate mentality. It is here that black-suited men in air conditioned rooms decide the policies that keep countless millions enslaved for the brutal machine that supplies all of the Sphere, here that fortunes are made on scales unimaginable by the ordinary man - here that vicious battles are fought in boardrooms masked by the sanitized language of the business world. Yet it is here that the people work tirelessly, defiantly dreaming of a better tomorrow through hard work despite feeling the corporate boot on their necks. Where the fishermen still cast their nets, where the restless student plays football with their friends, where the elderly dine with their grandchildren. The rat race consumes all, but the people find ways to briefly escape from it. The Fragrant Harbor of the Three Pearls, as beautiful and vibrant as it is cruel and merciless, Honkon is the primary financial and business hub - a place where the squalor, violence and cruelty of the rest of Guangdong cannot be seen through the tall windows of gleaming glass skyscrapers.