Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires
Capital of Argentina
State Pop.2.97M
State GDP$5.83B
State GDP/C$1964
Culture Rioplatenese Argentine

Buenos Aires, officially the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, is Argentina's Capital, located on the Western shore of the Río de la Plata. It is known for varied European architecture and a melting pot of culture stemming from the millions of immigrants Argentina received in the 19th century.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

In the national mythology of the United States of America, the term used to refer to itself is a "shining city on the hill". In their folklore, it represents a sincere hope for peace and reason to prevail over the planet. Now, it appears that the city has a twin.

Buenos Aires - or "Good Airs" - was founded on the 11th of June, 1580 by Juan de Garay. Buenos Aires, even then, was the lighthouse that guided so many to its white, sandy shores. Raided, destroyed, burnt or blockaded; the city has gone through every trial and every tribulation. Yet here it remains. For there is one crucial fact that dominates the long, triumphant reign of the Queen of South America.

In every corner, the city proudly displays its colours. Germans, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Spaniards - of course - and even Italians, who make up the biggest chunk of immigrants in the city, all have laid down their roots in the fair city. While Argentina's fate may flow and ebb along with the frothing tides of destiny, people of all shapes and sizes gather under the Fair Winds. Why? Because Buenos Aires is a shining, hopeful city on the hill. And there is nothing more magnificent than hope.