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Photograph of Sydney
State GDP$9.48M
Culture Australian

Canberra is Australia's biggest city, located on the southwestern coast in New South Wales. It was founded in 1788 by early settlers.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

What sight captures the spirit of Sydney more than that of the Harbour Bridge, paradoxically opened by a fascist on horseback, and now flanked with turrets in democracy's defense? Sydney is a metropolitan, cosmopolitan dream afloat on Botany Bay and bristling with gun barrels, all aimed at Japan. It hosts Australia's most diverse population in multitudinous communities of expatriate Britons, French and Dutch citizens, refugee Jews and Soviets, and the small number of Indian and Chinese people who navigated the White Australia policy to escape Japan's tyranny in Asia. Sydney's Indigenous Australians, having endured the harsh yellow sun for thousands of years, suffering the weight of iron collars, stolen generations, and other policies of genocide, persist and will persist yet. They watch, as they have done for so long, over Botany Bay. They watch, as it seems they will for quite some time, over a city united in fear of the Pacific's vast horizon.