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Capital of Venezuela
Photograph of Caracas
State GDP$2.82B
Culture Venezuelan

Caracas is the Capital of Venezuela.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Before being founded as Santiago de León de Caracas in 1567 by Spanish colonists, with the help of officials from the short-lived Klein Venedig expedition the valley of Caracas was home to the indigenous Mariche people.

It became the capital of the imperial Venezuela province ten years later in 1577, given its influence as a major hub for trade, culture, and politics in the Spanish colonial era. Ironically however, the city would also be the birthplace of one of the Spanish empire's fiercest opponents, that of Simón Bolívar. After the breakdown of Gran Colombia, the city was named the capital of an independent Venezuelan republic.

Although not as grand as some of its neighbouring capitals, Caracas still holds its head high as the city of eternal springtime. As oil production continues to enrich the country, Caracas will surely cement its place as one of the great cities of Latin America in the latter half of the 20th century.