Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C.
Capital of the United States of America
Aerial photograph of the Capitol, 1960
A busy street in D.C., 1950s
State GDP$1.66B
Culture DC American Mid-Atlantic

Washington D.C., part of the District of Columbia, is the Capital of the United States of America. It borders the states of Maryland and Virginia and is on the Potomac River. It is the hub of American politics and inhabits the Supreme Court, the United States Congress and the US House of Representatives.

In-game description[edit | edit source]

To describe Washington, D.C. as just a city would be entirely inappropriate. D.C. is more than a collection of buildings or roads, it is more than the amalgamation of human will, forced together into an urban sprawl that defines D.C.

No, what defines the District of Columbia best is the building on the hill- the home of freedom and security, in a world where such a commodity is hard to come by. Such freedom is not fought over for the denizens of this city, but fought with, in the halls of Congress, where issues of undeniable importance are fought over and where the future of the nation as a whole is decided.

With the stirring winds of democracy blowing strong, and the future uncertain as ever, these freedoms of democracy are more than something to ensure freedom, but something to hold on to in these turbulent times. May they protect us forevermore.