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Capital of the Kingdom of Rumania
State GDP$1.02B
Culture Rumanian

Bucharest (Romanian: Bucuresti) is the capital and biggest city of the Kingdom of Rumania.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

In the single decade of the 1860s, Bucharest developed from a large but unremarkable Rumanian town into perhaps the most modern city in the Balkans, with modern sewers, telegraph lines, street lighting, and factories. The discovery of the nearby Oil Fields turned Bucharest into a bonafide economic powerhouse, which has continued its ceaseless expansion in both population and riches ever since.

Now the 3rd largest city in the Balkans, behind only Istanbul and Athens, the people and resources of Bucharest are widely coveted by Rumania's neighbors. Whether this fact will lend the Rumanian nation further strength, or invite its downfall, remains to be seen.