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Capital of the State of Guangdong
Population3.83 M
State GDP$ 4.90 B
GDP/C$ 1277
Culture Zhujin

Kōshu is one of the Three "Pearls" of Guangdong, formerly the Chinese city of Guangzhou or Canton.

Now ruled by the Japanese, it is one of the main hubs of income for Guangdong, filled with industries and technological research, where workers toil away for the Japanese businesses.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The city of Guangzhou, or Canton as more familiar to Western ears, has always stood a shining pearl upon a river. Two hundred and more years ago it was one of the world's greatest nexus of commerce; forty years ago, the flaming nucleus of the Kuomintang white sun. Yet as the murky tides of time flow, foam, and clash, eventually it would be neither of those currents under which the pearl would find itself interred. Instead, when the dust of the Second Sino-Japanese War settled, it found itself, as the rest of Asia did, at the mercy of the New Order. It was to be reforged from the ground up, decreed the new Japanese masters, into a brand new hub of technological might, a brand new capital of a brand new state, in which possibilities shall branch and blossom until only infinity remains. The city today known as Kōshu gleams not with the vigor of life, but with incandescent bulbs - their light, fluttering and seeping through the billboards, the overcrowded housing blocks, and the noxious smog that have come to define its skyline. In the few parts of the city that could be considered healthier to live in, Japanese contractors, foremen, and business professionals cluster together, trying to block out the view of the rest of the city; it matters to few - if any - of them how many of the Chinese majority lost their limbs today. Kōshu truly is the capital of Guangdong and of the Three Pearls: a citadel of pan-Asian Co-Prosperity, standing high and tall for all to see.