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Capital of the Kingdom of Italy
State GDP$11.78B (speculation)
GDP/C$2683 (speculation)
Culture Central Italian

In Game Description[edit | edit source]

Rome, the Eternal City, stands as the jewel of the Mediterranean and the capital of the Italian Empire. Founded millennia ago by Romulus on the banks of the Tiber, few cities- if any- can claim such an expansive history. Indeed, there's not an inch of the city that isn't rich with the legacy of the Roman Empire, the pride of Italian history. Despite the invasions, plagues, and misfortunes that have fallen on the city before, Rome has always emerged from the rubble, ready to rebuild- and, in doing so, has cemented its place as the center of Italy. It is here where the King, the Pope, and the Duce stay, and it is here that the Italian government sits, along with artists, culinary geniuses, and romantics from across the world. Make no mistake- Rome has survived thousands of years before, and- barring the apocalypse- it will survive thousands of years more.