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City of the State of Guangdong
Population12.99 M
State GDP$ 5.12 B
GDP/C$ 394
Culture Yue

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

The county of Maoming, owing its name to a Taoist Aesculapius-like figure back in the Western Jin dynasty, has waded through the shifting waters of history in relative peace and obscurity. Even its newfound status as the western periphery of the new Guangdong, as the Japanese yanked it away from mainland China and apart from Guangzhouwan to the west, did little to bring it to relevance - until a Japanese expedition in the 50s uncovered ample oil shale deposits beneath its soil, one of the few throughout the entire former province. The landscape of today's Momei is dotted by mines, refineries, and the silhouettes of whatever hard labor the Kenpeitai and IJA can scavenge, fueling the avarice of the Three Pearls from where their lights don't shine.