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Capital of Brazil
The National Congress Palace in Brasília around 1960
A modern church being constructed in Brasília around 1962
Population161.11K (entire Federal District)
State GDP$54.59M
Culture Caipira

Brasília is Brazil's capital, located in its Federal District.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Modern and open, Brasília is a city of broad boulevards and rounded edges. Shimmering blue-green pools reflect marble ellipses and sparse iron statues and roads endlessly curling inward like the loops of a crosier. It is Juscelino Kubitschek's carefully cultivated, unwrinkled seed of 20st-century progress.

Lúcio Costa and Oscar Neimeyer designed the new Brazilian capital as a plane in flight, with the nation's bureaucrats living in its wings and working in its fuselage. It is meant for traversal by car rather than by foot, and its strict, neat zones offer little nightlife.

But does Brasília, as Kubitschek intended, represent Brazil? No, not nearly, nor is it equitable to say that Brazil should conform to its vaporous standard. But Brasília is a dream made real in clean lines, and from one dream fulfilled, others follow easier.