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A photo of the Galata Bridge, 1962
State GDP$1.93B
Culture Turkish

Location, description and Geography[edit | edit source]

Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey and the economic heart of the nation. It is located in the geographic region of Marmara in northwestern Turkey. The city is situated on both sides of the Bosphorus giving Istanbul a strategic importance caused by control along the strait and making it a crossroads between Europe and Asia. Being the biggest city of the nation and the capital of two preceding empires, it has a long history of conspiracy and intrigue nowadays only heightened more by the internal politics of the Triumvirate and the ongoing Cold War.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

What is not there to say about Istanbul-the interesction between Orient and Occident, the capital of two successive great empires and a republic turning into an empire of its own right, the seat and abode of countless generations of great statesmen, inspired artists, wise scholars, and more? Yet that is but one side of the place once known as the City of Man's Desire. As the Ottoman sultans, slowly declining away from their ancestors' prowess, withered to decadence and sheltered themselves in their palaces, the perception of the city changed.

By the time Entente troops arrived at the end of the Great War, Istanbul had already been known as a land of elitism, lavishness and arrogance-a situation that rendered it unfit to serve as the caoital for the new Turkish state. Today Istanbul, Turkey's capital of commerce and culture, unwillingly plays second fiddle to Ankara. However, its decline is only in standing; as a centre of business and an economic lodestone, it continues to grow.