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Capital of the Reichsgau Gotenland
Photograph of a canal in Theoderichshafen
State GDP$196.36M
Culture Ostdeutsch

Details[edit | edit source]

Theoderichshafen is the city reborn from the ashes of Sevastopol in the image of the Reich. Sitting at the tip of the Crimean Peninsula, it houses most of the Black Sea's German Navy. It is also the capital of the Reichsgau Gotenland. The city of Theoderichshafen was named after the Ostrogothic king Theodoric the Great.

In-Game Description[edit | edit source]

Few cities have witnessed the horrors of war, like Theoderichshafen. Originally baptised as Sevastopol, it collapsed during the unrelenting thunder of Operation Barbarossa in Summer of 1942. During the era of the Russian Tsars and the Soviet Chairmen, it served as a vital military port for their ambitions in the warm, azure waters of the Black Sea. Yet, despite the proclamations and the speeches of a "New Order" to reign over Europe, Sevastopol kneels unter the Nazi banner, in the same way, it did under any Russian.

Theoderichshafen hosts the largest fleet in Europe, if not the world. Under the watchful gaze of it's commander Karl Dönitz, it is the envy of all that knows of it. Today the citizens of Theoderichshafen continue to live, work and love in the narrow, cobbled streets of the former beach resort.

Proud to serve their Fatherland, the German inhabitants stare into the golden horizon-knowing that their grandchildren and their children will play in the same city they did. Few realise that dream is exactly what the Slavic inhabitants of Sevastopol thought. Perhaps next time, the prevailing conqueror will bury the inhabitants in named, individual graves.